We Have Theses To Write. What Do YOU Want Us To Read Next Week?

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Ariel and I have a chunk of our senior theses due next week, so once again, we’re taking the first half of the week off because we’ll be spending that time working really hard crying.

hamlet 2 b

So we thought we would ask you, our readers, what you would prefer to have us read a chapter of for next week? We figured just because we’re only updating on Thursday and Friday, we’re already breaking our schedule, so why stick to it? Let’s do what our readers want us to do! We’re putting the power in your hands. Except for the power of having us stick to Monday through Friday next week. We’re not doing that.

We’ll stop counting votes next Monday. Just for added fun, I disabled the block on repeat voting by IP address. So cheating is encouraged. I want to see how crazy you guys are.

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