Time for Anal Sex!: Bared to You Chapter 16

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It’s been so long since I’ve read Bared to You–it’s like coming back to an old friend that you’re not sure why you stopped hanging out with, and then as you start to hang out again you remember that they’re super annoying! 

Okay, in the last chapter, I remember Gideon and Eva have violent sex at the party Gideon’s family was throwing. Magdalena saw them having sex.

Chapter 16

Gideon asks Eva to stop running from him because he needs her (mostly he needs sex with her it seems like), and that he wants to leave the party right then because he doesn’t want her there. Eva is understandably upset by this remark, but Gideon explains it’s the house he hates and that all his nightmares take place there. Also, he keeps calling Eva “Angel” and it just sounds so patronizing and gross. Blech.

Well, now that it’s time for these two crazy kids to leave the party, we’re told this:

Cautiously, he began to pull out of me. I was shocked to feel how wet I was, how copiously he’d come. The final few inches of his cock slid out in a rush and semen slicked my inner thighs. A moment later, two audacious droplets fell to the hardwood floor between my spread legs.

“Oh, shit.” He groaned. “That’s so damn hot. I’m getting hard again.”

That’s so weird, I’m getting nauseous again. I sure hope they clean up. After all, Magdalena saw what happened, she’d be able to tell everyone whose come it is! Imagine that kind of embarrassment. The paparazzi would have a field day! What kind of turd muffin leaves his come on the floor?

They both want to go again, and Eva tells us, “I was a sexual creature with him, too, so physically attuned to him and so positive that he would never physically hurt me, that I was . . . free.” WAIT! Last chapter he was violently grabbing her and basically forced her to have sex with him, and she bit his tongue so hard he bled. I totally get why she trusts he’d never physically hurt her?


Girl, come on.

So then for some reason she tries to get him to have anal sex with her? And Gideon’s all like, “No thanks.”

Looking into his eyes, I saw something dark and volatile. Something very painful.

Of all the things for us to have in common . . .

The raw passion of our lust gentled into the warm familiarity of love. With my heart breaking, I confessed, “I don’t either. At least not voluntarily.”

Luckily, Gideon was as confused by that as I was, so Eva explains that she believes Gideon’s touch can erase Nathan’s (the step-brother  that raped her). I’m not sure how I feel about this, but because it’s a sensitive issue, I’m just going to let it go. Even though I really don’t think the logic behind this makes sense, and I find it vaguely offensive. That’s all I’ll say.

We then find out why this is called “a Crossfire novel”. Crossfire becomes their safe word as they prepare to journey sexually to places they’ve been afraid to! Their relationship is literally based on NOTHING but sex!

So then they do engage in anal play even though they both just said it made them unhappy and uncomfortable.

They’re seriously still at this house that apparently makes Gideon miserable while they engage in sexual acts that seem to have caused them both misery in the past. Please go home, you two.

So they hear someone coming, and Gideon’s like, “It’s totally fine, I’ll move you this way, and your skirt will hide it all! Oh, hello, stranger-who-just-walked-in, everything is fine! I’m totally not continuing to anally finger this woman in front of me while I have sex with her and talk to you!”

Seriously, that is what’s occurring.

Oh, it just got weirder. Turns out Gideon is talking to his brother!

Christopher is like, “Eva? are you okay?” And she’s like, “Totally. We’re talking about dinner.”

Gideon’s chest vibrated against my cheek as he spoke. “We’d be done sooner if you’d go, so tell me what you need.”

“Mom’s looking for you.”

“Why?” Gideon shifted again, rocking into my clit at the same moment he gave a quick, deep thrust of his finger into my rear.

I climaxed.

I guess Gideon’s mom has got it going on!

Things that occur as the chapter nears it’s conclusion:

1) Gideon asks Eva to stay away from his brother. He believes Christopher will try to use Eva to hurt him because sibling rivalry. 

2) Gideon usually doesn’t date blondes.

3) Eva worries Gideon’s mother might have molested him?

4) Eva tells Gideon to reach out to his younger sister.

5) Gideon has a bunch of blow-up pictures of himself and Eva on his wall. They’ve only been dating like a week or two. Weird.

6) They have this talk about sex:

“You’re thinking of bondage and pain. I’m talking about a consensual power exchange.” Gideon studied me intently. “Would you like more brandy? You’re very pale.”

“You think?” I set the drained glass down. “It sounds like you’re telling me you’re a Dominant.”

“Angel, you knew that already.” His mouth curved in a soft, sexy smile. “What I’m telling you is that you’re submissive.”

Is that supposed to be a twist?

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