Eva? The Submissive? BAWUH??: Bared to You Chapter 17

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Aw man, I had to pause my marathon of season two of Homeland to read this! It’s such a stark shift in quality. It’s affecting my brain so much I just typed, “the shift made my brain cry.” To the extent of my knowledge, this is not a thing.

Anyway, when we last left off, the book acted like it was a huge fucking revelation when Gideon told Eva she’s a submissive. Also there was a lot of really gross sex while Gideon talked to his brother (about their mother) and semen also fell on the floor at one point (WHICH NO ONE BOTHERED TO WIPE UP!) So basically I’m terrified of what’s to come next. 

Chapter 17

Eva is not reacting well to being told she’s a submissive. In fact, she points out that she needs just as much control as Gideon because of how all her control was taken away when she was younger.

Gideon starts assuring her he doesn’t want to hurt her or treat her like a pet, in fact, Eva’s the most important thing in his life. Yes. After being able to stay together for, what, like one day without getting into a huge fight, she is the most important thing in his life. That is so pathetic, y’all, I can’t even.

I got nothing

It would just be cruel of me to make fun of Gideon right now, because that is just the saddest.

[Edit]: During this conversation, to prove his point that Eva likes to submit to him, Gideon does this:

As he’d done earlier, he carried me to a wall and restrained me against it, his hands banding my wrists and lifting them high above my head.

Trapped, I could do nothing as he bent his knees and stroked my cleft with the rigid length of his erection. Once, twice. Silk rasped against my swollen clit. The bite of his teeth on my covered nipple sent a shiver through me, while the clean scent of his warm skin intoxicated me. With a gasp, I sagged into his embrace.

“See how easily you submit when I take over?” His lips followed the arch of my brow. “And it feels good, doesn’t it? It feels right.”

Don’t you see, Eva? The man is always right! Stop trying to fight it with your silly lady logic. It’s adorable, but futile! You know as soon as the fellas start rubbing their rigid erections against ladies’ swollen clits the battle’s already been won by the man! Damn it, Eva, you’re a submissive!

Then, because women are so emotional, Eva starts crying and telling Gideon he’s breaking her heart (????).

So things in this book have been pretty weird, and they wouldn’t get weirder so fast…right?


We entered a candlelit room that still smelled faintly of new paint. For a few seconds I was disoriented, unable to comprehend how we’d stepped out of Gideon’s apartment and into my bedroom.

“I don’t understand.” A serious understatement, but my brain was still trying to get past the feeling of being teleported from one residence to another. “You . . . moved me in with you?”

“Not quite.” He set me down, but kept an arm around me. “I recreated your room based on the photo I took of you sleeping.”

WHAT THE EVEN FUCK YOU GUYS?!?!??!!? What is it with these books and sleeping women and photographs and doing weird and creepy shit like re-creating a room during the FOUR DAYS THEY WEREN’T TALKING without consulting the woman in question. This is some straight up serial killer bullshit. I watch a lot of crime dramas and this is exactly the sort of thing on SVU or CSI that would actually weird me the fuck out even though I’ve seen so many episodes of both that I’m kind of desensitized. Every episode now, I’m kind of like, “I’ve seen creepier from you, show.”

Eva is upset, but not because  this is creepy, but because she thinks Gideon did this so she would sleep in this room and not see his night terrors. Because in order to have her sleep separately from him, he would obviously have to recreate her own bedroom in his house!

And Gideon’s like, “Now, when you’re mad at me and want to run away, don’t actually leave! Just hide in your new cage this room that’s just like your own! Yay! My solution is totally normal!”

Eva and Gideon have sex off-screen, but afterwards Eva’s “feminine triumph” is making her feel goofy. Score for the ladies?

While they eat dinner, they argue more about whether or not Eva secretly wants to submit to Gideon. Then he brings her a ring, but he’s like, “Don’t worry, it’s not what you think,” and she’s happy and sad about this, and she’s like, “Well, now I know I really love him.” What the fuck?

Nestled inside the black leather and velvet was a ring like no other. Gold ropelike bands were intertwined and decorated with Xs covered in diamonds.

“Bonds,” I murmured, “secured by crosses.” Gideon Cross.

I hope Matt doesn't kill me for stealing his joke...

I hope Matt doesn’t kill me for stealing his joke…

Gideon: It’s a symbol of our twu wuv.

Eva: It feels like a collar!

Gideon: Well…kinda.

I actually kind of like some of the next scene. Eva wakes up (super horny, whatever) and starts admitting to herself that the idea of being dominated in bed turns her on when Gideon’s in the picture. Hey, Eva, that’s okay! You own it, girl. Just don’t turn into Anastasia Steele and get dominated in all other aspects of your life while being like, “Well, one time I defied my husband, so actually I’m a strong lady.” What you like in the bedroom doesn’t make or break your independence.

So Eva lets Gideon dominate her, and she digs it. But then Gideon just makes everything gross:

“Oh, Eva,” he crooned, running his index finger through my slick cleft. “Look how greedy you are for me. It’s a full-time job keeping this sweet little cunt satisfied.”

Don’t worry, guys, this is a feminist text, so Eva isn’t going to be outdone by Gideon’s gross words. She tells us that she’s “creaming desperately for the feel of any part of him I could get inside me.” I thought creaming desperately was what a Krispy Kreme donut does when someone bites into it. Apparently it’s also what happens to really horny women who just want some peen.

Eva’s loving every second, “He could get me there just by rubbing inside me, the only man who’d ever been skilled enough to give me an intense vaginal orgasm.” As opposed to a mind orgasm?

So turns out Gideon was totally right! Eve loves when he dominates her in bed!

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