There’s Kind of a Sex Tape in this Chapter: Bared to You Chapter 18

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Last chapter, Gideon and Eva argued a lot about whether or not she’s a submissive and whether or not sex between them is amazing or super amazing. Also, Gideon bought Eva a ring to symbolize her being a submissive, and at first she was like, “No,” but then she was like, “Okay.” They had sex and Eva liked being submissive. I’ve already typed, “submissive” four times in this post, and I haven’t even gotten to the new stuff. I’m concerned.

Chapter 18

Eva is happy to wake up to Gideon because he’s hot or whatever. She gets ready for work!

When I’d checked out the drawers he had set aside for me in his bathroom, I found all of my usual cosmetics and toiletries in all my usual shades. I didn’t bother to ask how he knew, which might’ve led to me freaking out. Instead, I chose to look at it as more proof of his attentiveness. He thought of everything.

She was so close, you guys. So close to realizing what a creepy fuck this guy is. I’m going to choose to look at this as Eva being a really positive person, thus making me a more positive person. Just kidding! She’s a fucking idiot.

Things get even more wild when instead of undressing Gideon, Eva helps him get dressed.

The highlight of my morning had been helping Gideon dress in one of his seriously sexy suits. I’d buttoned his shirt; he’d tucked it into his pants. I’d fastened his fly; he had knotted his tie. He’d shrugged into his vest; I’d smoothed the finely tailored material over his equally fine shirt…

Yes, clearly this was a two person job. Seriously, the idea of someone helping me get dressed just sounds like too many cooks in the kitchen. It would also make me feel like a toddler. At least Eva was dressing Gideon and not the other way so this doesn’t turn into a rant from me about Eva being treated like a child the same way Ana is.

Because there is no drama in helping someone else dress, Eva sees a text from Cary with a video attached. The text asks if Gideon knows his brother is a douche. The video is from the party, and it’s Magdalena sobbing in Christopher’s arms about Gideon. Seriously, Cary is hiding in the bushes. How did he even stumble upon this? What the fuck was he doing in the bushes? All I can think of is peeing, but why would he pee in the bushes at a super fancy party where he is trying to impress people? Maybe he heard there was a “Caution-Cum-Floor” sign in the house and he couldn’t get to the bathroom? I guess that’s what happen when people get cum on the floor.

So they have sex, and Cary keeps filming. I know this because they watch until Christopher “screws her limp.” It’s unclear why they don’t turn it off sooner; I’d be like,

shut it down


Given Eva’s reaction is, “Yuck,” it really is unclear why they watch it to that point. Also, that is some horrible imagery, y’all.

Gideon says Christopher hates him because Gideon got all the attention when he was a kid after his father committed suicide and people were worried about him. Man, I’m with Christopher on this one! I kid. Somehow Day has created a character that makes me somehow side with Gideon on something.

Eva tells Gideon she loves him, and his breathing gets ragged and he’s overwhelmed or whatever, but he doesn’t let her go the whole way to work. Cute.

During her break, Eva goes ring shopping and gets a dominant ring for Gideon. She sure changed her mind quickly. So rushed! Shouldn’t she have contemplated it over wine like she does with every other issue?

He loves the ring. Oh, you guys, I’m just so glad! And he wants to get her to tell him she loves him again! And he has commands for her as a dominant! ”

“I’ll give you a lift home at five.” He watched me move to the door. “I want your cunt naked and wet when you come down to the car. If you touch yourself to get there, don’t make yourself come or there will be consequences.”

Oh, this is just too romantic. My womanly heart is just aflutter!

In a shocking turn of events, we skip all the fucking that occurred after work, and instead jump to Eva going home before heading off to her Krav Maga class. It’s a really pointless scene, so is the one where she’s actually at class.

They take a bath later and discuss important things while Gideon touches Eva’s boobs. It’s kind of weird. He talks about how he doesn’t really remember his dead father and how he worries he’s going to fuck everything up with Eva.

They decide to never break up and also to order Chinese. Is the cliffhanger this chapter supposed to be that we don’t know what they order? If so, it’s my favorite cliffhanger thus far.





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