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So Matt and I are gonna do Stephenie Meyer’s The Host next week, yay! We’ll be doing the next Bared to You after Fifty Shades. I haven’t actually looked through The Host yet. What if I love it? God, what an adventure this is going to be!

It has been quite awhile since we hung out with Gideon and Eva. So if you don’t remember, I’ll remind you! Turns out Gidoen used to be engaged to a woman named Corinne. He didn’t really love her, though, things were just comfortable, so when she proposed Gideon was like, “Okay,” but then he was like, “Nokay.”

Also Cary had an orgy in the living room. This caused some roommate issues. Where Matt and I go to school they make you fill out a roommate contract when you’re living in the dorms. I feel like maybe this would have actually been really useful for Cary and Eva because they could have had, “Keep all orgies strictly in your own space” as the number one rule.

Chapter 22

Gideon and Eva keep talking about Corinne. Gideon says he didn’t understand why her husband divorced her just because she was in love with someone else! Oh, but now he gets it because if Eva loved someone else but was with him he’d be super sad.

It’d kill me even if you were with me and not him. But unlike Giroux, I wouldn’t let you go. Maybe I wouldn’t have all of you, but you’d still be mine and I’d take what I could get.”

Awww that’s so pathetic romantic!!

He’s not the only one who’s “romantic”, though. Save some of that crazy for the ladies. Eva tells Gideon,

“Don’t you get it? You drive women off the deep end because you’re the ultimate. You’re the grand prize. If a woman can’t have you, they know they’re settling for less than the best. So they can’t think about not having you. They just think of crazy ways to try to get you.”

And because there are so few Gideons around IT’S A FIGHT TO THE DEATH!

Eva wants to know why Gideon is with her and not someone else who is perfect! Poll time.

Gideon doesn’t want to sleep at Eva’s place because he’s worried there might be an orgy relapse or something. No, seriously. Eva’s like, “But clearly Cary is just acting out because I haven’t been home enough, so leaving isn’t the solution!”

Gideon: I know Cary needs  you, we’ll deal with it tomorrow.

Eva: Yay!


Eva: ME TOO!

GAH so much neediness. And barfy-ness.

Eva does a decent job telling Gideon what’s what, though. She says he needs to set Corinne straight and cut her loose. Gideon argues that she needs a friend, and Eva’s like, “Well, remember, I have exes too. How would you feel? She can make other friends.”

True. Life.

So they leave, but Gideon left something in Eva’s apartment. She offers her keys, but this happens:

“No need. I have a set.” He shot me an unapologetic grin when my brows rose. “I had copies made before I gave them back to you.”


“If you’d paid attention”—he kissed the top of my head—“you might’ve noticed that you’ve had the key to my place on your key ring since I returned it.”

gasping gif

OH MY GOD THAT IS SO SCARY! Oh yes, let me just make copies of your keys while I have them? I won’t mention it because I’m being so helpful and this is so normal?

Wait Gideon gets back in the car and there’s like three lines left in the book…and they are really stupid…

Cupping his nape, I ran my fingers through his silky hair. “I can’t wait to get you back in bed.”

He gave a sexy little growl and attacked my neck with tickling nips and kisses, banishing our ghosts and their shadows.

At least for a little while . . .

I mean, I wasn’t expecting anything genius. But that is just. Was Day even trying? She’s writing like I do when it’s 11:45 and I’m trying to get one of these posts done by midnight and I’m exhausted and still have a paper to write or something! Jesus. Is that really supposed to be a cliffhanger? That’s like a Goosebumps level one.

The real cliffhanger is whether or not I’m gonna like The Host. Oh my god what if I like it and Matt hates it? Or WHAT IF MATT LOVES IT AND I HATE IT?!?! That would actually be really great. I hope that happens.

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