Help Us Celebrate Our First Birthday! Ask Us Anything!

Posted on May 8, 2013 by


Things are going to be really crazy for Ariel and myself in the next two weeks. On May 19th, we graduate from college. On May 20th, we celebrate one year of Bad Books, Good Times. We’ve decided that the best way to celebrate the blog’s first birthday, since blogs can’t eat cake, would be with a celebratory video feature. Ariel and I are going to sit down with our friend Marissa who did a fake interview with us for our first eBook, and do a real interview with your questions!

So leave a question on this post, on our Facebook, through our Twitter, and we’ll answer it. Ask us any stupid or serious or silly or sacrilegious question you can think of, and we’ll answer it. Ask us why we read bad books, what superpower would we like to have, what advice we’d give to someone starting their own blog, what dinosaur we would be most afraid of, what our personal favorite BBGT posts are, how we feel about the UK Independence Party’s recent gains in the 2013 county council elections, whether we believe in true love, whether we believe cows would be good conversationalists, whether we feel bad that we’ve achieved mild internet success by spending a year relentlessly making fun of people day after day, and we’ll answer it.

Don’t ask us if we’ve ever done doggy stile.

So help us celebrate Bad Books, Good Times‘s first birthday! Ask us some questions!

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