Eva Has Her Period, Just in Case She Forgot to Tell You: Reflected in You Chapter 5

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Previously, Eva had a nightmare about her past sexual assailant, so she and Gideon masturbated for each other.

Chapter 5

Day goes all Meyer on us and opens the chapter detailing the interior of Gideon’s private penis jet. Eva informs us that Gideon has been distant all day and has only really talked to her to say that he’ll meet them on the jet.

Gideon comes on board and brushes his fingers against Eva’s cheek before disappearing into his private room.


Cary offers Eva some sound advice on the matter:

“Give him a blowjob. That’s a guaranteed mood improver.”

He’s not wrong, but this just goes to show that everyone in the Crossfire universe really does think sex solves every problem. Or at least everyone in Eva’s life.

Cary falls asleep, and Eva goes to check on Gideon. He’s conducting some business over video chat, so Eva does the mature thing and starts stripping to get his attention! She did the right thing; based on this universe’s logic, there was no other way she and Gideon were even going to take steps towards working things out if she didn’t strip.

Gideon immediately gets off the call, and Eva points out how she’s a great girlfriend and should be rewarded. The strangest thing about this scene is how Day keeps mentioning what Gideon is doing with Eva’s bra. First we get,

He pulled my bra into his lap and leaned back in his chair, setting his elbows on the armrests and steepling his fingers together .

And then a few paragraphs later, in case everyone was dying to know what happened to Eva’s bra, we get this:

He set my bra on his keyboard and unfolded from the chair in a leisurely, graceful rise.

What the what? His keyboard? I can sort of understand absentmindedly putting the bra in your lap (maybe), but then to casually just put it on your keyboard of all places?? Is this a weird thing that guys do that I’m not aware of? Like, the next time they look up some porn they’re like all excited because their girlfriend’s bra touched the same keyboard they’re using to look up porn? I don’t get it.

Things only get weirder as Eva starts talking about how she feels like there is distance between them. It’s only been a day or two since the events of the last book, but Eva’s gone through about a hundred emotional highs and lows with Gideon. To demonstrate how wrong Gideon thinks Eva is, he…sort of chokes her?

His hands slid down to my neck, wrapping around it. “There’s no distance. You’ve got me by the throat, Eva. ” His grip tightened fractionally. “Can’t you feel that?”

But only fractionally, so I guess it’s not weird!

I might’ve broken free if not for his eyes, which revealed such yearning and turmoil. He was making me feel the same loss of power, the same sense of being dependent on someone else for every breath I took.

As he beat me senseless, I knew he was revealing how he felt as though he was being beat up all the time because of all of his inner man-pain. His beating had a deeper meaning, so I didn’t stop him.

Of course, this leads to sex. The problem? Eva wants Gideon to fuck her, but he just keeps giving her orgasms with his mouth! Poor Eva :(.

“You ache without my cock inside you. You’ll say anything to have me there.”


He hovered over me, his hair falling in a dark curtain around his face, his big body casting a shadow over mine. Tilting his head , he lowered his mouth and lightly traced the seam of my lips with the tip of his tongue. “You crave it. You feel empty without it.”

That’s exactly how I feel about sushi, actually. So I can sort of relate to Eva’s pain. I think there’s some in my fridge right now, I’m gonna go check. Yummm. Where was I? Reading, what was it, Fifty Shades, The Host, Fifty Shades…Darker? No wait, I was reading Bedding the Billionaire? Wait, fuck, no. Reflected in You. How could I forget such a groundbreaking piece of literature?

“It hurts you a little when I push all the way in, and there’s no help for that— you have a tight little cunt and I cram you full . Sometimes I lose control and get rough, and there’s no help for that, either. But don’t ever ask me to hurt you deliberately. I can’t.”

Oh, it was Gideon’s brand of romance that made me forget because in my moment of blissfully eating sushi I could forget that he says things like “you have a tight little cunt and I cram you full.”

Let’s watch that again in slow motion, you guys.

you have a tight little cunt and I cram you full.

Eva feels close to Gideon again when he comes and maintains eye contact with her the whole time. These two apply such creative problem solving to their relationship. But it’s not over yet!

Pinned to the mattress by his grip, his weight, and his unflagging erection, I was completely at his mercy. He began to thrust, stroking through the trembling walls of my sex with the thickly veined length of his big cock. Claiming me. Possessing me.

And then for no apparent reason he says their safeword, which is Crossfire, in case you forgot. And Eva comes again when he says it, so I guess that’s one way you can use a safeword?

So after that, we scene jump to Cary and Eva hanging out in the presidential suite of Gideon’s hotel. They order takeout and have an awesome time together. Until Cary asks what Eva needs from Gideon, and she’s like, “His time, money, and sexy body aren’t enough…for some reason.” I guess it’s all the secrets. I don’t even know anymore.

I also just realized that Eva has mentioned her period four times this chapter. When she’s seducing Gideon she’s like, “I have PMS, and you’re more moody than me,” then she’s like, “OMG Gideon, we’re not gonna be able to have sex till like next weekend cause of my period.” Then she tells Cary she’s eating a lot of carbs because she’s getting her period. Then by the pool, she tells us she’s retaining water because of her period. Jesus fuck, woman, WE GET IT! YOU HAVE YOUR FUCKING PERIOD!!!!!! My anger would appear to imply that I too am PMSing, but no.

Something even more outrageous than Eva mentioning her period a lot happens, though. Eva goes to order some food while they’re at the pool, and this guy offers to buy her a drink and they start casually chatting about why they’re both there. That is, until an employee from the hotel comes and tells the guy to go to the other end of the bar. No, seriously.

“Miss Tramell .” She greeted me with a nod. My brows rose.


“There’s a server who can take your order by your cabana.”

“Cool, thanks. But I don’t mind waiting here.”

When I didn’t move, Sheila turned her attention to Daniel. “If you’ll move to the other end of the bar, sir, the bartender will see that your next drinks are on the house.”

Even when Daniel refuses, Sheila won’t fuck off, and Eva realizes Gideon has her under watch. SO CREEPY! Look, I can be a pretty possessive and jealous girlfriend. If someone was trying to chat Boyfriend up at a bar, I’d be like BITCH FUCK OFF. But if I wasn’t there, obviously that his responsibility to take care of. Not the responsibility of the hardworking employees of Bar in Question.

I get why this pisses Eva off, but her response is almost to start making out with this random dude to punish Gideon, which is also super cruel. Eva is actually kind of a fucking bitch, you guys. We all know that Gideon is a piece of shit, but so is Eva. She really does have a double standard about how they treat each other.

Not too much else happens after this even though the chapter goes on for a few more pages. Eva hatches a plan to get back at Gideon, which she doesn’t reveal to us yet. She does place a call to Clancy, her step-father’s body guard, though.

Also, her father calls and says he’s going to visit soon, and Eva tells him he’ll get to meet Gideon. And Cary doesn’t bang some chick he met by the pool, which I guess is considered character development in this series.

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