So Many Offensive Statements, So Little Time: Reflected in You Chapter 6

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Last chapter, Eva had cooked up some plan to get back at Gideon for having members of his staff keep an eye on Eva. Even though Eva would probably have a melt down if she ever saw Gideon having a conversation with a woman at a bar, she is shocked and angry that he is taking measures to prevent her from doing the same. It’s like she doesn’t know Gideon at all even though she’s known him for, like, a month!

Chapter 6

I guess talking about Cary and Eva’s trip is too boring for Day, because this chapter opens with Eva packing her things to go home when she hears Gideon in the living room. She informs us that he still hasn’t said anything about what she did even though they’ve talked a couple times already.

The big secret plan that Eva has kept us in suspense over is simply that she had Clancy find someone to shadow Gideon to give him a taste of his own medicine. That’s not even remotely bad at all. If anything it’s amusing and a reasonable way of showing Gideon how it feels. I bet he won’t see it like that, though.

The way Gideon chooses to bring the whole thing up is pretty odd, though:

“Hi, ace.”

His beautifully etched lips thinned for a moment. “Is there a particular meaning behind that endearment?”

“Well . . . you ace everything you do. And it’s the nickname of a fictional character I have a crush on. You remind me of him sometimes.”

“I’m not sure I like you having a crush on anyone but me, fictional or not.”

“You’ll get over it.”

Shaking his head, he started toward me. “Like I’ll get over the sumo wrestler you have shadowing me?”

This is a classic device in writing. Just like that time in Harry Potter when Harry was like, “I’m in the mood for some ice cream,” and Hermione was like, “I’m in the mood to defeat Voldemort, and here’s how we do it!” Everyone remembers that scene because that kind of  flawless storytelling is pretty hard to forget.

I bet I know how they can resolve this!! With a blow job!!

anyone want their dick sucked

Gideon totally does. But first he turns Eva on by being his rapey self.

There was no mistaking the danger inherent in the way he stalked me. It was visible in the set of his shoulders and the gleam in his eyes. I might’ve been more worried if the sinuousness of his stride hadn’t been so blatantly sexual.

I would have been scared of my rapist, but the way he approached me was just so sexual that I knew the rape was coming, so I felt better.


I nodded.

“Then I’ll just have to come in your mouth.”

I wish Eva’s response was just, “Not if I come in your mouth first!!!” And then she launched into his face, vagina first.

They start hooking up while also “discussing” the spying issues on both ends.

Gideon growled. “You’re the most exasperating, infuriating woman I’ve ever met.”

“Yeah, well, you pissed me off. I’m not a possession. You can’t—”

“Yes, you are.” He nipped my earlobe with his teeth, causing a sharp sting that made me cry out. “And yes, I can.”

Before you bra burning, I-don’t-shave-my-legs feminist types start having a fit, don’t worry, Eva has something to say to this!

“Then you are, too. And I can, too.”

See? Equality.

Gideon bitches about how the three feet rule Eva created for the sumo shadow man affected his ability to do business. Apparently a woman he was doing business with wasn’t allowed to point out stuff on the desk in front of them or sit next to him to teleconference.

“You’re not going to get a hundred percent equality in this relationship.”

“The hell I’m not.”

His hips settled into the opening he’d made. He rocked against me, rubbing the thick ridge of his erection against my sex. “You’re not,” he repeated, his hands pushing into my hair to grip my scalp and hold me in place.


He puts her in his place like a real man should, with sex and hair grabbing! The Tao of Badass would be so proud if he could see this.

Gideon explains that the reason for this lack of equality is that being rich makes him a target!

Eva protests against Gideon’s dry humps, but he’s just so sexy she can’t help but be aroused. After all, he doesn’t just “shove his big dick in and out of a woman” he “worked her with it, exploiting friction, changing angles and depth of penetration.”

Gideon then tells Eva that he got a boner in public when he realized her plan. Ha! He had to keep a finished conversation going until his erection went away. This is probably the sweetest revenge we as readers and haters of Gideon can enjoy, so savor the moment while you can like I am.

I hate that this is just like in Fifty Shades when Christian tells Ana he gets off on her “defying” him. I don’t buy it, though, because when their women-folk disobey, Christian and Gideon just use sex to put them in their place. We’re all familiar with the saying, “Just because I got an erection, doesn’t mean I condone it.” Just because Gideon and Christian get hard from it doesn’t make them supportive of their significant other having a mind of her own. 

This post is getting quite long, and there’s still quite a bit left, so I’ll switch to bullet points for some of the information that might be important later but isn’t all that interesting to talk about. It’s like, Jesus, Day, save some of this gold for future chapters!

-Gideon is nervous about meeting Eva’s dad, and he doesn’t want to rub his money in her dad’s face the way he rubs his penis in Eva’s.

-Gideon earned the money he used to open Cross Industries by counting cards.

-Gideon still doesn’t use the words “I love you” with Eva, and she gets it and knows he does, but it makes her sad.

-Back at work:

“You look like you got a tan,” Mark said, glancing over at me.

“Yeah, I did a little sun lounging over the weekend. It was good to be lazy and do nothing. Actually, that’s probably one of my favorite things to do, period.”

If I never read the word period again in this book, whatever the context, it will be too son.

-For some reason a woman named Shawna invites Eva to a concert. I guess Day was wracking her brain for characters she mentioned once in the first book who could now play a slightly bigger role. Don’t worry, she knows we have no fucking clue who Shawna is, so she explains:

I thought of the attractive red-haired waitress I’d met the week before. She was Steven’s sister, and Steven was Mark’s longtime partner. The two men had met in college and had been together ever since. I really liked Steven. I was pretty sure I’d really like Shawna, too.

Clunky, but effective.

-Eva’s mom calls and insinuates that she would have liked to go to Vegas with Eva and Cary. She passive aggresively tells Eva she would love to get to do fun things with her. Then they make lunch plans, and Megumi comes too. For some reason, Eva’s mom and Megumi getting along really well is given a lot of attention. Two minor characters making a connection? Tell me less!

-Eva tells us how hot her mom is, repeatedly. Seriously, it rivals how much she talks about her period.

-Just kidding:

I’d ordered a soup and sandwich combination plus a dessert that was going to cost me at least an extra hour on the treadmill later. I excused the indulgence with a mental reminder that I was on my period, which was a carte blanche chocolate zone in my opinion.

Hey is Eva on her period? I’m not sure. Let me just go check every fucking page of this book, and, ah, oh yes, she is indeed still on her period. She talks about being on her period so much that I think my period is starting to sync with hers.

-Something sort of creepy happens at the end of the chapter. They decide to walk back to Cross Industries instead of driving (to burn off calories as ladies should), and Eva’s mom sees something that terrifies her outside of the building. However neither Eva nor the readers are privy to what that terrifying something is. BUM BUM BUM!

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