Let’s Pretend This Is The Notebook: Reflected In You Chapter 10

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If you’ve read Ariel’s post yesterday, you already know that this chapter of Reflected In You is awful.

Chapter Ten of Sylvia Day’s Reflected In You is a terrifying glimpse at a dysfunctional relationship in which a man nearly beats his girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend to death after he catches them kissing each other, and then the woman can think of no way to begin to make amends with him other than sex, resulting in a scene where the woman performs oral sex on a man who doesn’t emotionally respond and instead repeatedly asks her why she did it as she gradually breaks down in tears. And then by the end of the chapter they’re happy together again.

And the book’s genre is “romance”.

Fine. Let’s go with that. Let’s say that this story Sylvia Day has written is a romance.

"Wherefore art thou, greedy cunt?"

“Wherefore art thou greedy cunt?”

Reflected In You is a romance! I bet that in the context of the romance genre, this actually all makes perfect sense. What if we pretended, for this chapter, that this was a different romance? You know, to understand just how appropriate the description “romance” is for Reflected In You. You know what else is a romance? The Notebook.

Eva is now Allie. Gideon is now Noah. And by extension, Ryan Gosling. So that's as close as *that* one's gonna get, fangirls.

Eva is now Allie. Gideon is now Noah. And by extension, Ryan Gosling, so this is as close as you’re gonna get to him being in one of these movies, fangirls.

Chapter 10

Allie’s ex, a young lawyer named Lon Hammond Jr., has just kissed Allie – and Allie has kissed him back!

He is also the lead singer of an indie rock band.

He is also the lead singer of an indie rock band.

Allie’s current boyfriend, Noah, has just discovered this happening, and proceeds to beat the living shit out of Lon Hammond Jr.

He was like a machine, silent and unstoppable. Brett Lon grunted with each brutal impact and struggled to break free.

Allie watches the awful scene until her and Noah’s friends tell her she should just leave and not worry abut Noah.

“What’s the matter with you?! Stop them!”
His pale blue eyes softened. “He knows when to stop, Eva Allie.”

Although they seem to change their minds about this as soon as they leave.

“He’s your friend! You’re just going to leave him like that?”
“He’s your boyfriend. […] And you are the one who left him like that.”

So Allie goes home, leaving Noah to continue beating up Lon and never actually find out how badly injured he is.

Looking back, I had no idea what came over me. Why hadn’t I pulled away sooner? Why had I kissed Brett Lon back?
And what was Gideon Noah going to do about it?

Just like in The Notebook.

Just like in The Notebook.

At this point, Allie reflects on the obvious value a man such as Noah has in her life, and questions what value she could possibly have in the life of a real catch such as him.

Gideon’s Noah’s life was spiraling out of control – because of me. At some point he was going to realize I wasn’t worth the trouble.

Before leaving Allie, Noah’s friend Fin shares his same doubts.

When we arrived at the restaurant, I used my tank top to dry my face. Arnoldo Fin stopped me from getting out.
“Be gentle with him,” he scolded, staring hard at my face. “I have never seen him the way he is with you. I can’t say you are worthy of him, but you can make him happy.”

Fin seen here, telling Allie off in his five-star restaurant.

Fin seen here, telling Allie off in his five-star restaurant.

Allie eventually meets up again with Noah, who has been drinking.

His face was impassive, his eyes hard as sapphires. “What is he to you?”
I swiped at the tears streaming down my face. “A mistake?” […]
His lip curled in a sneer. “You always kiss your mistakes like that?”

Allie pleads with Noah, assuring him of her love.

“I only want you. I love you, Gideon Noah. So much it hurts.” […]
“Did you come for me when I had my fingers inside you, Eva Allie? Or because of his goddamn song?”

Oh, right, let’s not forget that Noah fingered Allie in a crowded public setting last chapter. That’s an important detail for this romance.

Every romance needs a "guy fingers girl in public" scene, otherwise you wouldn't believe how in love they are.

Every romance needs a “guy fingers girl in public” scene, otherwise you wouldn’t understand how in love they are.

Gideon’s Noah’s eyes opened and focused on me. “He’s had his dick in you. He’s fucked you… blown his load inside you.”

To get the full effect, these eyes. Maybe now you'll feel the romance in that line about some dude's jizz.

To get the full effect, these eyes. Maybe now you’ll feel the romance in that line about some dude’s jizz.

Allie realizes that Noah is very hurt by what she has done, so she has to very carefully make amends with him to recover the damage. By sucking him off.

Dropping the glass on the floor, I surged between his legs and fumbled with his button fly.
He caught my fingers in an iron grip but kept his eyes covered with his forearm. “What the fuck are you doing?”
“Come in my mouth,” I begged. “Wash it away.” […]
With muttered curse, he released me, his hand falling limply to his side. “Do it.”
I rushed to get to him, my pulse pounding at the thought that he might change his mind and deny me… that he might decide he was done with me.

Because there is no shared moment between the two romantic leads in a romantic story as romantically significant as an apology blow job.

I sucked him with long drawing pulls, moans of apology and bliss vibrating in my throat. It broke my heart that he was so silent, my vocal lover who always talked dirty to me. […]
His spine straightened, his head lifting from the seat only to slam backward as the first thick spurt exploded in my mouth.
I whimpered, his flavor igniting my senses, making me crave more. […] He made no sound, as unnaturally silent as he’d been during the fight.

Noah speaks for the first time since before the blow job stage of the romantic reconciliation:

“Slide your tight cunt around me,” he ordered hoarsely. “I’ve got more to give you.”

Not only is this romantic, it is sexy.

Not only is this romantic, it is sexy.

Noah and Allie have sex, and then Allie realizes that Noah is purposefully keeping her from orgasm! They begin to talk about their problem. While having sex, of course. This is a romance.

  1. “Why did you kiss him?”
    The abrupt change in topic knocked me askew. My lower lip trembled. “I don’t know.”
  2. “Tell me why you kissed him.”
    “I don’t know.” I rested my damp forehead against his, feeling the tears burning behind my eyes. “God, Gideon Noah. I swear I don’t know.”
  3. “Tell me why, Eva Allie,” he growled. “Why?
    “I don’t know!” I yelled, trying to grind my hips onto him, pounding his shoulders with my fists when his grip tightened. Holding me pinned to his pelvis and filled with his cock, Gideon Noah pushed to his feet
  4. He folded me over my back, his cock lying within the seam of my ass. “Tell me why, Eva Allie,” he crooned in my ear. “You knew I’d be coming after you… that I’d find you…”
    My eyes squeezed shut, my hands clenching into fists. “I. Don’t. Know. Damn you! I don’t fucking know!”
  5. “Tell me why, Eva Allie. Are you thinking of him now? Are you wishing it were his cock inside you? Wishing it were his cock fucking your perfect little cunt?
    I screamed again. “I hate you!”
  6. “I hate you,” I sobbed, tears of frustrating wetting my face and the seat beneath my cheek.
    Bending over me, he gasped in my ear, “Tell me why, Eva Allie.”

And finally, during this last one, they make amends! Like… immediately!

“Because you deserved it! Because you should know what it feels like! How bad it hurts, you self-centered asshole!” […]
“Angel.” His lips brushed over my shoulder blad, his hands releasing my wrists to slide beneath me and cup my full, heavy breasts. “My stubborn, beautiful angel. Finally, we get to the truth.” […]
His hips began to lunge, his cock pumping upward into me as he pinched the lips of my sex around my throbbing clit and rubbed.
I came with a hoarse cry of his name

Just like The Notebook.

Just like in The Notebook.

The next day, the two drive out of town for a weekend away together. Allie inquires about Noah’s injuries.

“Are you hurt anywhere else?” I asked, feeling so emotionally raw after the long night we’d had.
He caught my wrist and pulled my hand down to press flat over his heart. “Here.”


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