Day Actively Tries to Write Nauseating Sex: Reflected in You Chapter 14

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Last chapter of Reflected in You was mainly filler. It was a way for Day to shift the current happy state of Eva and Gideon’s relationship back to one of uncertainty and pain. I know there are a lot of people who actually enjoy this series a lot, so I’m just curious as to how they still find this riveting and/or romantic. How many times can it possibly be enjoyable to read, “Gideon and Eva are getting along! Things sure are progressing for these two, and character development is occur–oh. Wait. No. No now Eva’s kissing her ex boyfriend and Gideon is going out to meals with his ex and no one is having a conversation to clear anything up.” So romantic?

Chapter 14

Eva sleeps over in Cary’s hospital room, and after a fitful, restless night she goes to the hospital cafeteria to write Gideon a letter to express her Feelings. She has the nerve to tell us this,

Maintaining steady, open communication was the only way we were going to survive as a couple.

Wow that’s only what the BBGT community has been saying about this book since, oh, for fucking ever. Even though it’s being acknowledged right now, I doubt it’ll ever be put into practice. It’s like how I keep saying that I need to become a neater person because having an organized room always makes me feel more productive, but then my room just gets messy again in like five minutes.

Despite it’s massive population, New York is apparently the size of a small retirement community, and who shows up in the cafeteria but Dr. Terrance Lucas. He’s the guy who used to be Gideon’s therapist, and for Mysterious Reasons Gideon hates him so he fucked ‘n’ chucked Terrance’s wife for revenge. 

Terrance asks to sit down with Eva for some reason, which I can only assume is sinister. Or maybe he wants to see if Eva hates Gideon yet, so he has someone to bond with.

easy to bond over hating something

He asks what she’s doing at the hospital which prompts a super awkward conversation.

“My roommate’s here.” I didn’t volunteer any more information, but he guessed.

“So Gideon Cross threw his money around and made arrangements for you.” He shook his head and took a sip of his coffee. “And you’re grateful. But what will it cost you?”

I sat back, offended on Gideon’s behalf that his generosity was reduced to having an ulterior motive. “Why do you two dislike each other so much?”

His eyes lost their softness. “He hurt someone very close to me.”

“Your wife. He told me.” I could tell that startled him. “But that wasn’t the beginning, was it? That was a result.”

“You know what he did, and you’re still with him?” Lucas set his elbows on the table. “He’s doing the same thing to you. You look exhausted and depressed. That’s part of the game to him, you know. He’s an expert at worshipping a woman as if he needs her to breathe. Then suddenly he can’t bear the sight of her.”

Woah woah woah. Let me get this straight. He’s mad because his wife got hurt not because she cheated with Gideon? I mean if he knows Gideon had the affair explicitly to get revenge how can he act surprised or even upset that he wasn’t genuinely in love with his wife? Also, how is this even comparable to Eva when there is no shred of evidence that he’s dating her for revenge? Just saying, this guy is a fool. His emotional manipulation only kind of works on Eva. He gets to her a bit by talking about how moody Gideon is, how he manipulates women blah blah.

He sighed. “I’m not your adversary, Eva, and Cross doesn’t need anyone to fight his battles. You don’t have to believe me. Frankly, I’m so bitter I wouldn’t believe me if I were in your place.But you’re a beautiful, smart young lady.”

I hadn’t been lately, but it was my responsibility to fix that. Or walk.

What the fuck does that even mean? BE MORE BEAUTIFUL AND YOUNG, EVA! I’ve given up on smart for you.

Lucas excuses himself, and Eva sadly finishes her coffee in the cafeteria. Scene jump to lunch with her boss and his boyfriend. SNOOZE FEST.

Scene jump to Gideon yelling at Eva because (I forgot) she’s not supposed to be going out for lunch because of Unclear Reasons. Danger? Gideon won’t explain. He just tells her Cary will be moved back to their apartment today and they say goodbye.

That night, Eva sends her really cringy Feelings e-mail to Gideon, and he shows up later that night whispering, “Don’t be afraid,” because yes, that’s exactly what someone wants to wake up to. Especially someone who suffered from repeated sexual abuse. They start having sex with no preamble, and Eva shares this truly yucky metaphor with us:

I’d been withering without him, the world around me losing its vibrancy, my body hurting from its separation from his. Having him with me . . . touching me . . . was like rain in a drought . My soul unfurled for him, opening wide to soak him in.

stan nervous gif

Tilting his head, he thrust into the quivering opening of my sex, fucking rhythmically , teasing me with shallow plunges.

Like a toilet.

He rolled his hips, stirring his cock inside me.

Like he was making soup.

After he comes, he says the words every woman so desperately wants to hear from her man. “For you, Eva. Every drop.”

What do you think happens next?

Rim job and feelings. Well, they talk about their feelings after the rim job but while they’re having sex (again). As they’re fucking, Gideon insists that things have to be this way right now, and it’s killing him, and Eva needs to trust him. He’s all like, “FEEL ME, EVA! Feel my pain through my dick pounding into your tight cunt!!”

After apparently lots and lots more fucking of all kinds, they go to sleep, and Gideon is gone with Eva wakes up in the morning.

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