Of MILFs and DILFs: Reflected in You Chapter 16

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You guys, we’re getting really close to the end of Reflected in You and the thing is, I’ve read the end already. Gasp. Okay, that’s actually not the shocking part. The shocking part is that I’m still compelled to keep reading this series. Like, I feel this need to know how the fuck Sylvia Day keeps the story going. What the fuck is wrong with me? I need therapy.

Anyway, when we last left off, Eva had just discovered that her abusive step-brother Nathan was found dead. Cops came to Eva’s apartment to question her.

Chapter 16

Eva’s dad (who is also a cop, in case you forgot) steps in to be like, “We’re going to tell you fuck all right now without a lawyer.”

This prompts the cops to start questioning Gideon, and he’s like, “Why don’t we talk while I show you out?” So that’s not at all suspicious or anything.

Ireland quickly rushes to come up with a reason why Gideon might want to discuss his alibi in private, “Maybe he was buying you an engagement ring,” Ireland whispered. “And he doesn’t want to blow the surprise.” Yes, or maybe he’s secretly a crime-fighting superhero and doesn’t want to reveal his identity to Eva lest he put her in harm’s way.

Eva is really exhausted after all this, so she goes to lie down. She tells Ireland they’ll have a spa day or something soon, even though she seems to think she and Gideon are over. I guess it’s normal to make plans with your soon-to-be-ex’s sister? I don’t know, the social rules in this book have never made any sense to me.

Eva’s mom shows up the next morning, giving Eva a chance to creepily describe her mother (yet again).

She swept right past me in a seafoam green dress that looked painted on, and she pulled it off as very few women could, somehow making the outfit sexy and elegant and age-appropriate.

Her mother has turned up to discuss Nathan’s death, which apparently isn’t half as shocking as Eva’s use of half-and-half

“Dear God , Eva,” my mother muttered , watching me. “Do you realize how many calories are in half-and-half?”

Among her mother’s other pieces of advice in this chapter, we learn a woman should have her own personal style by the time they’re Eva’s age, women shouldn’t rub their eyes when crying or they’ll get wrinkles, and that sweat pants don’t count as having a personal style. Thanks, Eva’s mom!

Eva’s mother reveals that Nathan came back to get money from his father. Nathan had pictures and a video of Eva, and he was using that to blackmail his father into giving him more money. Eva quickly becomes convinced that Nathan also showed Gideon these horrible things, and that’s why the last time they’d had sex had been in complete darkness and that it’s also the reason he’s acting so weird and probably doesn’t want to see her anymore. I would make fun of Eva for this huge leap in judgement, but it’s actually pretty normal to try to find an explanation for crazy shit, so I’ll let it go.

Eva and her mom bond a bit and suddenly Eva’s father returns home. He and Eva’s mother haven’t seen each other in years, and their reaction leads Eva to the realization that they’re madly in love with each other still (is this The Parent Trap? What the fuck is happening?). It also gives Eva another chance to be incredibly creepy about her father!

Still breathing a little quickly and glistening with sweat over tanned skin and rippling muscles, Victor Reyes was one hot hunk of a man.

And he was staring at my mom in a way that was totally indecent.

Okay this is getting out of hand. Who describes their own fucking father as “one hot hunk of a man”? This is actually disgusting!

Tearing my gaze away from my seriously smokin’ dad to look at my glamorous mother, I was shocked to see her looking at my father the same way he was looking at her.



Truly, I want to understand why there is this huge fixation on the attractiveness of Eva’s parents. If the narration was from a different point of view it would be more acceptable, but it’s from Eva’s perspective. Fine, tell us that they’re good looking, that’s a normal observation. But calling your father a “hot hunk of a man,” is fucking. Weird. As. Fuck.

Once her mother’s gone, Eva confronts her father about the fact that they’re still in love, and he’s like, “Love doesn’t conquer all.” This of course turns into a conversation about Gideon and Eva, and Eva’s dad winds up showing her a tabloid picture of Gideon and Corinne from the night Nathan was killed. Eva believes this to be the reason he wanted to talk to the cops in private.

Eva calls Gideon and breaks up with him by telling him she understands his position and why he doesn’t want to be with her, but that he’s gone about it in a shitty way. Then goes to cry in the shower and tell us that she HAS NOTHING LEFT! Except an amazing job, money, friends and an insanely wonderful apartment in New York City. NOTHING!!!!!

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