Goodreads, Good Times

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A post on a Sunday? You might have been thinking, “Fuck. Is it Monday? This doesn’t seem to be about Gideon and Eva, so probably not…” Well, we’ve got news for you! News so big we wanted it to have its very own post instead of it being tacked onto my Monday’s Reflected in You post.

It’s unclear how we’ve gone this long without creating a group on Goodreads, but by god we’ve finally done it! Bad Books, Good Times is officially on Goodreads!

Kristen Bell Excited

See? Even celebrities are excited!

Add bad books to our shelf so Matt and I don’t forget about your wonderful suggestions! Add good books because we like to read those during the times we’re recovering from the bad ones! Find out when we’re scheduled to finish reading current books! Discuss all the things!

We’re still adding things and making it look prettier, but we’re all friends here, we want you to see our adorable new baby. So just tell us it’s the cutest thing you’ve ever seen even if you’re lying.

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