Bad Books, Good Times Sells Out! New Mugs, Tote Bags, and Merch In Time For The Holidays

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Just in time for the holiday season, Bad Books, Good Times sells out! Basically what happened here is that after there was actual demand for the Uncle Jeb’s Cave Tours mug and I had to find a way to make them a reality, I found myself in a position where I could design as many mugs as I wanted and it wouldn’t cost me a cent. As a result, 1) I have gone mad with power, and 2) there is now a wide variety of Bad Books, Good Times merch at long last! Check out some of our new designs!

And you know what else? We just broke half a million hits. That is a lot of hits. Treat yourself to a brand new mug to celebrate our success. You earned it.

Divine Orange Juice Mugs

Apparently the official beverage of choice of the leading ladies of erotic romances from Fifty Shades of Grey to Beautiful Disaster, orange juice just keeps popping up in our erotica! Clearly they know something we don’t. Inspired by Anastasia Steele’s intriguingly phrased love of orange juice and our inability to ever let a joke die, you don’t have to drink orange juice out of this mug, but it would taste divine.

(This design is available as either a mug or a travel mug, depending on how on-the-go you like your orange juice.)

Haters, Baby Mug

haters baby mugThroughout Fifty Shades of Grey and its sequels, Christian Grey’s catchphrase is “Laters, baby”. Given the effort we spent over a year and a half tearing the Fifty Shades trilogy to shreds, somehow we never once made a “Haters, baby” joke. Celebrate our failure with this mug. It’s simple, elegant, and will trick people into thinking we made this joke after all.

Uncle Jeb’s Cave Tours Mugs

uncle jeb cave tour store promo

Remember when we read The Host and crazy old Uncle Jeb took us on a tour of the cave? Remember that other time he took us on a tour of the cave? Remember that other time we went on a tour of the cave? Good times. Remember those good times with this 2013 Tour mug. Inspired by a running joke from our reading of Stephenie Meyer’s The Host, it’ll be like you’re really touring the cave again and again and again.

(This design is available as either a mug or a travel mug, depending on how serious you are about that cave tour.)


If loving to hate young adult fiction is wrong, I don’t want to be right. Picture this scenario for a second. If someone asks you which mug is yours, you can respond with, “The one that says ‘Young Adult Fiction, Motherfucker’ on it.” Just maybe try not to play out this scenario at work.

Bad Books, Good Times Mug

bbgt mugsMaybe you don’t want any of that mamby-pamby, sugar-coated crap. You see no need to hide behind references and silly pictures. You love Bad Books, Good Times and you just want the world to know, dammit. Then this is your mug. Proudly emblazoned with our newer, sharper logo (in square form!), this mug will make all your co-workers know exactly why you laugh so much at work.

Available as a regular mug for people who drink their coffee at home, as a travel mug for people who drink their coffee on the go, and as a five pack of buttons for people who don’t like drinking things.

Fifty Shades of Quotes Mug

quutes mug promoOur logo, our tagline, and a little, totally not copyright-infringing book sipping a martini, inspired by our old logo. It’s retro and it’s completely new. Neo-retro? But you want to know the best part? Superimposed over that is a selection of some of our favorite Fifty Shades jokes. Four from Ariel, three from Matthew (one’s pretty long). It’s probably not safe for work, but it’s safe for your soul.

Quotes/Logo Double-Sided Deluxe Mug

deluxe mugIs the Bad Books, Good Times logo mug not enough? Like the Quotes mug but it’s not good enough for showing off your BBGT love from far away? Do you demand a mug that says more, and money is no object? Do you want a mug that takes advantage of ALL THREE DIMENSIONS OF THE MUG? Then might we suggest our DELUXE mug, which has both the square logo and the quotes design printed on opposite sides of the mug. You deserve it, you high roller, you.

(Printing on both sides of the mug costs more money, unfortunately, in case you were concerned we were just charging extra on a whim.)

The Duality of Man Mug

duality of man mug

On one side, “Bad Books”. On the other side, “Good Times”. On one side, the dark. On the other side, the light.

Bad Books, Good Times Tote Bag

bbgt tote bags

Is a mug not a daring enough declaration of BBGT love for you? Then get a tote bag! Other people will be all, “Hey, that person loves Bad Books, Good Times!”, and you’ll be all, “I’m carrying things more easily!”

The bag comes in two different colors, jet black and lime green. Unfortunately, it does not come in a single shade of grey. Additionally, Spreadshirt allows you to choose what color of bag you want – these are just the defaults that I picked out. So what this really means is that you can get a bag with either a black logo or a white logo. Make sure you don’t do something stupid like get the black logo on the black bag. It wouldn’t make us look very good.

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