New Books? NEW MUGS! (Yes, Including The Blow Job One)

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Two items of news: First, we’re taking off the rest of the week due to Ariel traveling. This does mean that we have to postpone the last chapter of Marked and the first chapter of its sequel, Betrayed, but we really want to do those books justice, because we do despise so.

Second, CHECK IT OUT THERE’S NEW MUGS. Fifty Shades of Grey? That was so 2013! We’re getting close to the end of our time with Beautiful Disaster and Walking Disaster, and are almost finished with the first House of Night, so it seems like an appropriate time to honor our time with them with some brand new mugs!

Pigeon Mug ($12.40)

Ariel and I joke a lot about seeing pigeons and thinking “Abby??? Is that you???”, and then we realized it wasn’t just us. My good friend Sarah drew the pigeon you see on this mug for us – in case you overlooked our subtle humor, it’s a pigeon wearing a cardigan and pearls. Just like Abby! Or Pigeon! This pigeon looks just like Pigeon! Whoa!

Cardigans 4EVER Mug ($14.90)

Abby Abernathy was a good girl who always wore cardigans all the time always. For a single chapter. Naturally, the only reasonable response for this was a double-sided mug as contradictory as Abby’s characterization! Remember Abby’s cardigan-clad good girl era on “Cardigans 4EVER” side, and remember how that whole thing went away immediately on the “Cardigans 4NEVER” side. Each side features a joke – one from me, one from Ariel – explaining each side of Abby’s cardigan-based duality:

  • It’s like if John Hughes wrote Fight Club.
  • Have the cardigans been here in our hearts all along? ‘Cause they definitely haven’t been on Abby’s body.


Proud Supporter of Blow Jobs Mug ($12.40 for plain, $15.90 for deluxe)

Way at the beginning of Marked, Zoey had an absurd rant about how it “isn’t cool” to give blow jobs, which prompted kind of a lot of angry discussion. Turns out people don’t like being told what to think! Crazy! This was definitely the hardest (lol) mug I’ve had to design for the blog thus far (in case you’re interested, there’s a short piece on my personal blog on my thoughts on somehow creating a feminist, anti-slut shaming mug about blow jobs while taking precautions to check my male privilege throughout the process), but it is finally here.

I decided to make this one available both as a standard, plain, one-sided mug (double-sided printing is more expensive, sadly), and as a deluxe double-sided mug with black trim and handle.

bj options

Also, since mugs with colored trims and handles are apparently available on Spreadshirt now, there is also a deluxe, double-sided version of our logo mug and of our “Haters, Baby” mug available now too:

BBGT logo is printed on the back of each of these too. Pinky promise.

BBGT logo is printed on the back of each of these too. Pinky promise.

And if that wasn’t enough for you, there is now also an official Bad Books, Good Times shot glass, depending on how seriously you take us when we talk about how reading these books requires alcohol.

Or for confusing all your friends in college.

Or for confusing all your friends in college.

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