Matthew Watches The Room #9: Sex Scene 3 Is The Same Footage As Sex Scene 1

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Remember the first sex scene in The Room? I mean, how could you not? It only happened eighteen minutes ago. Well, after their crazy drunken night downing a mixed drink of  – sigh – scotch and vodka, Johnny and Lisa go have the movie’s third sex scene.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa.” You might say. “Hold your motherfucking horses.” Geez, watch your language, reader. “We are not even half an hour into this movie. We are going into a third sex scene? Why do we need all these sex scenes? Could there be anything more unnecessary?”

Why, yes there could be! The third sex scene uses the same footage as the first sex scene.

Not even kidding. There’s that rose again!

the room 9-1

There’s that fake raining window again!

the room 9-2

There’s… that again…

the room 9-3

In case you’re in denial and you haven’t quite processed this yet, I’ll spell it out for you: this movie not only contains this same awful sex scene once, but twice. Somehow Tommy Wiseau put the exact same footage in the film twice and assumed nobody would notice. There is literally no other explanation.

And it wouldn’t be the first sex scene all over again without our favorite (mental note: find a different word that is not a complete lie) part, which is of course the “Fuck that navel!” part.

the room 9-4If you haven’t walked away to get another drink yet, now you have no excuse.

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