The Terrible Twos: It’s Almost Time For Our Annual Ask Us Anything!

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Hey, readers! Have you ever asked yourself, “Wow, how long have I been reading Bad Books, Good Times for?” Because as of the 20th, the highest answer you have for that will be two years. This means that 1) you know who’s lying when they say how long they’ve been reading for, and 2) it is time for our annual ASK US ANYTHING celebration we just decided was an annual thing!

Much like last year, the rules are very simple: ask us a question, and we will answer it. To ask a question, you have all these great, convenient options!

  1. Leave a question as a comment on this post! You’re already here! How easy is that?
  2. Ask us on our Facebook! That’s what the kids are doing these days!
  3. If you’re very concise, you can tweet it at us!
  4. Ask us on our group on GoodReads! I set up a discussion just for the occasion!
  5. Don’t leave a comment on our YouTube channel. I will literally never see it.

What should you ask? Anything. Ask us anything silly or serious about the blog or about us! You could ask us questions like:

  1. Who is our most hated character in one of the books we’ve read?
  2. Do our significant others’ parents know we run a blog reading erotic fiction? How do they feel about that?
  3. Why didn’t any of Mitt Romney’s SuperPACs run ads during the summer months when the Romney campaign had run out of eligible funding to spend before the official nomination to respond to the attack ads the Obama campaign used to dominate the summer months?
  4. What are the answers to your math homework? We got your back, readers!
  5. What book are you reading next? No, come on, guys. Be creative.

But why are we doing this? Because we have the best readers ever, and we only hope our posts entertain all of you the way your comments entertain us! So we can’t think of a better way to celebrate than to cut out the middleman and just all write some jokes together! Or answer some genuine questions you might have about the blog, how we run it, and how we sleep at night mocking the people simply trying to share their stories with the world (answer: because their stories suck).

Ask us anything!

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