Bad Books, Good Times Reaches 1 Million Hits!

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Apparently enough people looked at this blog (and possibly read it) that we’ve somehow reached a million hits.

I think we can all collectively say, “The fuck?” A small portion of us are also thinking, “Yay!” While the vast majority are thinking, “I was just googling Fifty Shades Anal and was seriously disappointed when I landed on this blog.”

Matt and I have had, and are continuing to have, an incredible time on BBGT and with all of you amazing people who take the time to read and comment. I hope you know how much we love you and how excited we get when we see notifications that you’ve left a comment or liked one of our posts. YOU’RE THE REAL STARS!

But I think we really owe the biggest thank you to EL James. Without Fifty Shades, our friends who were reading Fifty Shades, and a little pub in Norwich, England, we never would have started this blog!

In a parallel universe, there is a Matt and Ariel who never even heard of House of Night or Beautiful/Walking Disaster. I know you’d think I would wish that I’d never heard of these books, but I can’t imagine my life without idiots like Christian Grey, Anastasia Steele, Abby Abernanthy, Travis Maddox, Eva Trammel, Gideon Cross, Cary Whats-His-Face, Zoey Redbird, Zoey’s bland friends, Melerer, Uncle Jeb, and more. In a way, I probably love these characters more than the people who actually like these books because Matt and I have spent so much time on all of them.

"I love you and I fucking hate you"

Yes, I said it. I probably love Zoey Redbird more than people who actually like her for unknown reasons. Because these characters are part of the BBGT family, god damn it!

Man, I was going to fill this post with snark and quotes from the shitty comments people have left here…but I can’t. I’m too damn sentimental! Thank you all for reading whether you genuinely are part of our amazing community or found us by mistake when you were searching for information about Christian Grey’s penis.

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