Question Time! What Other Bad Books Blogs Do You Read?

Posted on August 6, 2014 by


Not that I was under the impression Ariel and I are doing anything revolutionary or novel over here (Ha, get it? Novel?), but I’m always momentarily surprised whenever someone mentions “other bad books blogs”, leaving me to hide my embarrassment and just nod and act like, yes, I am very familiar with these “other” bad books blog, and I  am totally familiar with what you’re talking about.

Me, basically.

Me, basically.

I totally know that they exist, and that Bad Books, Good Times is hardly the most popular or the first thing that had this idea (although I am still really surprised we have the Twitter handle @BadBooksBlog, which seems like it would have been an easy one). For my part, this blog was partly inspired by Ryan North’s Back to the Future tumblr (because my love for Ryan North is well-documented), but beyond that I’ve never really bothered to explore how other people (our… contemporaries?) get their bad book-based snark on.

So rather than getting off my lazy ass, I turn to you guys. You’re already here on BBGT, so clearly you are all people of fine, discriminating taste. What blogs like this one should I be reading?

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