Horror or Romance?: Round 2

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I know there were probably a lot of sleepless nights out there wondering if your guesses from last week were correct – well, most of them were! Man, a lot of you either have much better Googling skills than Cary or you have crazy good memories about these books!

1) “Whoa. Monster cock.” ~ Feast (horror)

2) “We have to be friends. I won’t take no for an answer.” ~ Beautiful/Walking Disaster (horror romance)

3) “Why aren’t you eating me?” ~ Fido (horror)

4) “I recreated your room based on the photo I took of you sleeping.” ~ Crossfire series but omg shouldn’t it be horror?? HOW SCARY!!!

5) “I’m your boyfriend now, Nancy!” ~ A Nightmare on Elm Street (horror). I like how everyone was like, “This could be romance, but I don’t recognise the name Nancy.” Jeez you guys, it could have been from a romantic novel about a woman named Nancy from a book we didn’t write about here! But it wasn’t, so well done.

Before I give you this week’s challenge, I’ll clarify that “romantic” quotes I take are not only from books we’ve done on this blog. They make a romantic situation from a television show or movie even =0.

Round 2

Last week I have 5 quotes, but this week I’ll leave you with only two as they’re a little longer this time around. Okay, the part of the reason you get less this week is because I’m worried I’m going to run out of quotes if I use them all too quickly.

"I'll figure it out later"

1) “Well, he will cheat on you again – that’s a promise. And when he does, don’t come crying to me, because… I’ve had it with you. You’re so fucking weak!”

2) “I’d like to get you a little fourth-floor-walk-up somewhere, with no windows, no doors and lock you up for a week.”

Good luck! Also feel free to post some challenges of your own in the comments, I’d love to guess too!