Gideon’s California Adventure: Captivated by You Chapter 5

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Captivated by You Chapter 5: Gideon

The chapter opens with Gideon meeting with Sam Yimara who was the man responsible for filming the Brett/Eva sex tape. They’re at the one and only place that inspired sixth-ninths indisputably amazing name – Pete’s 69th Street Bar!

Pete’s 69th Street Bar wasn’t located on Sixty-ninth Street, so I had no idea where the name originated.

It’s so reassuring to know a meaningless name produced another meaningless name, like the circle of life for idiots.

I also understood that the restrooms in the back had provided a place for Brett Kline to screw my wife.

So of course the place must burn! No, seriously, Gideon really does plan on demolishing it. I somehow feel like the “plot” of this book is going to be Gideon finding out every place Eva’s ever had sex with another man and making sure said place is subsequently burned to the ground. Although, to be fair, Gideon’s reasons for wanting to demolish Pete’s 69th Street Bar are complex:

I wanted to lay my fists into him for that. She deserved palaces and private islands, not seedy bar bathroom stalls.

Oh, I see, so Gideon is only going to destroy the places Eva’s had sex that he doesn’t approve of. Not really considering that Eva, who is a bit of an exhibitionist, probably was all for having sex in the bar’s bathroom, and quite frankly that’s her prerogative.

Gideon tells Yimara that either he can accept Gideon’s buy-out or be destroyed. It’s exactly what you’d expect to happen, but Yimara throws one wrench into the whole thing in that he’s given Brett a copy of the sex tape and now he’s given the other to Gideon. I feel so sorry for Eva that one of her most private moments is in the hands of these two scum bags now.

Eva didn’t want me to view the footage; she’d made me promise I wouldn’t.

But she was feeling something for Kline. He remained a very real threat. Seeing them together, intimately, might give me the information I needed to fight him off.

What kind of information Gideon thinks he’ll find is unclear, “Maybe, just maybe, if I could observe Brett’s thrusts, the shape of his ass, and find out the size of his penis, I would know exactly how to keep him out of Eva’s life forever.”

"knowledge is power gif"

Had she been as sexually raw with him as she was with me? Had she been as desperate and greedy for him? Could he make her come like I could?

Still not seeing how this is going to help Gideon gain an upper hand which he already has, but thanks for sharing, Gideon.

Later, Gideon and Eva text a bit and it’s every bit as dumb as you’d expect, but still better than the texting in House of Night and Beautiful/Walking Disaster/Oblivion. 

Is it silly that I’m nearly as excited to be your “friend” as I am to be your wife?

I laughed inwardly as I read Eva’s text and replied. I’m as excited to be your lover as I am to be your husband.

OMG … fiend.

That had me laughing aloud.

We were thisclose to seeing Gideon use the phrase “LOL.” Also, he has an awful sense of humor.

Eva and Gideon update their relationship status to “engaged”. I bet it got two likes (from Eva and Gideon).

Gideon goes to meet with Brett (backstage at one of his shows) because he can’t stand the thought of Brett watching his and Eva’s sex tape again. I guess Gideon just assumes Brett sits around with the video on loop and has nothing better to do than watch it over and over again.

I weaved through the pandemonium, searching for a distinctive head of frosted spikes.

An achingly familiar blonde stumbled out of an open doorway several feet away, her hair falling around her shoulders and drawing attention to the lush curves of a great ass.

What follows is an incredibly bizarre sequence of events. First, Gideon starts to have a rage blackout as he observes this “achingly familiar blonde” hook up with Brett.

No one who saw them together could mistake that they were lovers.

Rage fired my blood. A sick darkness radiated through me.

Pain. Searing and soul deep. It took my breath and every ounce of control.

Immediately following this previous line, Gideon is accosted by two women who have no sense of personal boundaries.

A woman’s arm draped over my shoulder. Her hand slid beneath the neck of my T-shirt to touch my chest, while her other wrapped around my hip to stroke my dick. Cloying perfume assaulted my nose, spurring me to shrug her off violently even as a model-thin brunette with heavily made-up blue eyes tried to sandwich me from the front.

Where the fuck did these two women come from? Is their MO to just sandwich random men into submission? I get that Gideon is supposed to be super hot, but surely that doesn’t cause women to lose their sense of basic manners.

“Back off!” I growled, glaring at both in a way that had them stumbling back and calling me an asshole.

In another time, I would’ve fucked them both, turning the feel of being hunted into one of complete control.

I’d learned how to handle sexual predators after Hugh. How to put them in their place.

This seems like the most inopportune time to explore Gideon’s past traumas and how it used to affect his sex life. But let’s focus on the matter at hand, ARE BRETT AND EVA HOOKING UP? Or can Gideon not just tell his wife apart from another woman?

Kline bent over her, speaking close to her ear. My hands clenched. She threw her head back and laughed, and I stumbled to a halt. Startled and confused. Despite the volume of noise, the sound struck me as wrong.

It wasn’t Eva’s laugh.

It was too high. My wife’s laugh was low and throaty. Sexy. As unique as the woman it belonged to.”


My mind caught up with reality. The girl was the one from the “Golden” music video. The Eva stand-in.

The real Eva shows up soon after (at least, Gideon claims it’s the real Eva, but he’s lost all credibility at this point.)

I sensed her before I saw her, felt the frisson of recognition. Turning my head, I found her easily. Unlike her imitator, who wore a small tight dress, Eva was dressed in jeans that hugged every curve and a simple gray tank top. She wore heeled sandals and hoop earrings, casual and relaxed.

Hunger hit me with brutal force. She was the most beautiful woman I’d ever seen and easily the sexiest woman alive.

Except he couldn’t tell the sexiest woman alive apart from another woman with blonde hair thirty seconds ago. Gideon doesn’t stick around to see what Eva says to Brett, but he does see her “extending her left hand to him. My ring on her finger sparkled brilliantly, impossible to miss.”

Abruptly, the scene cuts away to Gideon on his “eightieth pushup”, which is a crucial detail. He’s feeling pent up because he didn’t handle the situations with Yimara and Brett with violence.

He starts thinking about Eva out clubbing with her California friends, and he immediately gets hard. This is Gideon after all, so no surprises there.

I knew how primed she got when out drinking and dancing. I loved nailing her when her body was damp and steamy with perspiration, her cunt slick and greedy.

Jesus. My dick throbbed and hardened further. My arms trembled as I neared the point of muscle fatigue. Veins stood out in harsh relief along my forearms and hands. I needed a cold shower, but I wouldn’t get myself off. I always saved it for Eva. Every thick, creamy drop.

"Troy from community says that's terrible"

Again, I’m not surprised. Just disappointed. I also think this definitively proves Gideon is a complete psycho, because there is not a bone in my body that believes any sane man would think those words.

Gideon gets a message from Eva asking what hotel room he’s in – so the jig is up! Eva knows Gideon’s in California. He quickly orders some room service, which makes this next scene really awkward:

I went to the door and opened it, finding both Eva and room service waiting. Dressed as I’d seen her earlier, Eva looked like a bad girl, renewing my hard-on in an instant.


If the server hadn’t been standing behind her, I would’ve had her on her back on the foyer tile before she knew what hit her.

“Holy fuck,” she breathed, eyeing me from head to toe.

I glanced down. I was still overheated, my skin shiny with sweat. The waistband of my sweats was wet with it, drawing attention to the erection I didn’t even try to will away. “Sorry, you caught me midworkout.”

I feel terrible for whoever was working room service that night at the hotel. They’re the unsung hero of this series, really.

Room service leaves (in the most relieved fashion, I’m sure), and things get heated.

“Angel.” I cupped her ass. “Tell me you want it exactly the way I want to give it to you.”

She looked up at me with heavy-lidded eyes. “And how would that be?”

“Here. On the floor. Your jeans caught around one ankle, your shirt pushed up, your underwear shoved to the side. I want my cock inside you, my cum filling you.”

Why is Gideon so obsessed with his own cum? I get the feeling Day has never actually encountered jizz, because the way Gideon and Eva talk about Gideon’s cum is akin to the way I describe a Ferrero Rocher. And there is just no way the two are comparable.

This post wouldn’t be complete without one hideously misogynistic comment about Eva and Gideon’s marriage.

She was my wife. My most valuable possession; I treasured her. But I loved her slutty and dirty, too. A sexual object for my pleasure.

The important thing to note here is that no matter how Gideon is thinking about Eva, she’s always an object. This isn’t even open for interpretation here, I’m not making any assumptions based on Gideon’s behaviour. He is fucking saying these words exactly. 

“Take me,” I hissed through clenched teeth, fighting the need to come before she took all of my cock. “Let me in.”

Her cunt rippled, sucking at me.

I’m so nauseated but also desperately trying to understand what this means. How does a cunt ripple? Is Eva’s vagina a gentler, more benevolent version of the vagina from Teeth? 

In the bathtub later, after Eva’s greedy, suckling cunt has apparently been satisfied, Eva starts talking to Gideon about how Brett is sleeping with the girl who played her in the Golden music video.

“Brett’s sleeping with that girl from the ‘Golden’ video. The one who looks like me.”

“No one looks like you.”


Except for how you fucking mistook her for Eva a few hours ago.

“She may have your curves,” I conceded, “but she doesn’t sound like you. She doesn’t have your sense of humor, your wit. She doesn’t have your heart.”

This poor woman. I bet she volunteers with abandoned (plot) puppies or something equally wonderful.

Eva tells Gideon that her dad really wants to pay for their wedding because pride. Eva jokes that her mother “can blow through fifty thousand dollars in just flowers and invitations” so she’s going to be disappointed that the wedding isn’t going to be worth millions. How fucking disgusting. No flowers and invitations have any business costing that much unless a unicorn pooped out the material.

Arash shows up the next day to meet and ogle Eva. Really, that’s all there is to his scene and the end of the chapter.

My question is, what the fuck is going on with Eva’s vagina.