Can’t We Have a Less Confusing Villain in This Series?: Captivated by You Chapter 13

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Captivated by You Chapter 13

The chapter opens with Gideon discussing what I’m sure is very serious business with his project engineer, but of course this somehow becomes an opportune time to think about Eva’s amazing blow jobs.

“By the way, congratulations on your engagement.”

My gaze shifted from the project engineer’s face on my monitor to the photo of Eva blowing kisses. “Thank you.”
I would much rather look at my wife. For an instant, I pictured Eva as she’d been the night before, those plush lips wrapped around my cock.

Word to the wise, just avoid even the simplest allusion to Eva at all cost.

After Gideon ends the call, he gets another from his step-father. Luckily, Christopher Sr doesn’t mention anything that will induce more blow job fantasies. He wants to meet with Gideon later that night, and he says enough to alert us to the fact that Gideon has one person in his family besides Ireland that we’re supposed to like.

“Is everyone all right?”

“Yes, everyone’s fine. Don’t worry about that.”

“It’s Vidal, then. We’ll take care of it.”

“God.” He laughed harshly. “You’re a good man, Gideon. One of the best I know. I should’ve told you that more often.”

I’m not sure how Gideon’s blandly polite comments warranted a passionate declaration like that. I imagine Gideon could have said, “Are you hungry? Do you want lunch?” And he would have been met with the same response.

After this phone call, Gideon seems convinced that Christopher Sr wants to convince him to let Christopher Jr use the leaked footage from Eva and Brett’s sex tape in order to make Vidal Records more successful. We have met some really dumb, selfish, and characters with confusing motives in this book, but even I know better than to think for a second that this is what the conversation is going to be about.

Raul shows up later that day and reveals that the woman who Eva met at the gala at the end of Entwined in You, who he thought wasn’t Anne Lucas is actually Anne Lucas! Who is the wife of the psychiatrist who lied about Gideon being raped who Gideon then had sex with for revenge! You are very welcome for that convoluted reminder.

Restless, I stood, shoving my chair back. “She went after Eva. You need to keep her away from my wife.”

“Angus and I are developing new protocols for event security.”

Turning, I retrieved my jacket from its hook. “You’ll tell me if you need more men.”

Damn it, we need to hire 1000 more men to try to recognize the faces of all these terrible minor characters! It’s an impossible job for Angus and Raul! We also need the latest voice and facial recognition software available, I don’t care how much it costs! We need to prevent more undesirable minor characters from getting into this already very confusing plot.

Gideon apparently has nothing better do to with his day than to go confront Anne at her office.

I know we’re always confused about timelines, but I feel like given she wanted Gideon to confront her, she must have been like, “Why the fuck hasn’t he realized it was me there yet?” To me it feels like this gala happened like a year ago, but I guess in book time it was a couple weeks. Or maybe a few hours. Who can never be sure!

"who can never be sure"

Anne proves to be super gross. She’s basically Corinne again but yucky in a more sexual way.

Her smile tightened. “Break your toys, then throw them away. Does Eva know her days are numbered?”

“Do you?”

Unease dimmed her bright eyes and shook her smile. “Is that a threat, Gideon?”

“You’d like for it to be.” I stepped closer, watched her pupils dilate. She was becoming aroused and that revolted me as much as the smell of her perfume. “Might make your game more interesting.”

She straightened and came toward me, her hips swaying, her red-soled black stilettos sinking into the plush carpet.

“You like to play, too, lover,” she purred. “Tell me, have you tied up your pretty fiancée? Flogged her into a frenzy? Shoved one of your extensive array of dildos into her ass, so that it fucked her while you pounded her pussy for hours? Does she know you, Gideon, the way I do?”

I’m almost positive that none of that necessarily means she knows Gideon better than anybody else. “If you didn’t put a dildo in Eva’s ass when you fucked her, well, she just doesn’t know you at all,” doesn’t seem particularly convincing to me. Gideon agrees with me and says as much:

“Hundreds of women know me the way you do, Anne. Do you think you were special? The only thing memorable about you is your husband and how it eats at him that I’ve had you.”

I don’t think Gideon has ever said he’s slept with hundreds of women. I know I shouldn’t be surprised but I kind of am, WHERE DID HE EVEN FIND THE TIME WHILE ALSO RUNNING AN EMPIRE?

Anne slaps him and then Gideon admits to us that actually he had been a little different with her:

“I wish what I’d said were true, but I had been particularly depraved with her, seeing ghosts of her brother in the curve of her smile, her mannerisms—”

In case you’re confused, don’t worry, I’d forgotten too that Gideon’s rapist had also been Anne’s brother…@_@ I’m no psychologist, but what the fuck?

Anne and Gideon threaten each other, but it’s completely unclear to me what kind of revenge Anne wants (to break up Gideon and Eva…? But then why not Corinne before?) or why she’s even bothering with this except to further the “plot”.

There’s a scene where Gideon’s on therapy and they try going for a walk to talk instead. It’s really boring and we learn nothing new. I know that could summarise a lot of scenes in this book, but seriously, nothing funny or vaguely important even happens!

Later, Christopher Sr comes over and reveals 1) that Brett Kline argued for the “Golden” video to reshot (NOOOO IT WAS SUCH A MASTERPIECE)!!! Which means Brett really does wuv Eva, which Gideon’s “isn’t okay with. Not by a long shot.” 2) That he’s left Gideon’s mother.

Apparently, Christopher didn’t know what had happened and is furious with Gideon’s mom. He also went and punched Terrance Lucas. Christopher continued to fully support Gideon by saying if he’d known at the time he would have protected him and it was his job and he failed.

I rounded on him, feeling the sickness clawing up from my gut and burning my throat. “What the fuck do you want?”

Chris pulled his shoulders back. He faced me with reddened eyes and wet cheeks, shaking but too stupid to run. “I want you to know that you’re not alone.”

Well, I guess this can be one minor character that I actually like. Gideon can’t handle having a good minor character, though, and tells Chris to leave.