This Is Very Important: What Should We Read Next?

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In a few weeks, we’re going to be finished reading E L James’s Grey. I know, it’s like we just started. The time sure flies when you’re reading a romance where the characters go from having first met to madly in love in a few weeks.

So we have a very serious, very important decision ahead of us, and we need our readers’ help. Yes, you. You reading this sentence right now. You could make some serious changes around these parts, all you have to do is make a suggestion answering one very important question:

What book should we read next?

Ariel and I have noticed that we’ve gotten a lot of book recommendations while we’ve been drowning in Divergent and Jamie McGuire and – the closest thing we’ve ever had to a contractual obligation yet – Grey. A lot of them seemed really interesting. But it’s been a while, and perhaps interests have waned. So we really want to take a moment to get a sense of what the people want right now. What book should we read next?

So leave a comment! Is there a book you think we really need to read? Is there a book that you think nobody should ever read? Then it sounds perfect, and you should let us know what it is on this post! One of these mass “hey, do you have a book recommendation for us, literally everyone?” posts was how we started reading House of Night, so we know you guys know about some real shit that we gotta check out. Even if you have commented about a book before, please mention it again on this post. We cannot remember even suggestions we might have explicitly told you sounded awesome at the time, because we have to remember minor details about Christian Grey’s childhood. We don’t like it either.

All of that being said, there are a few things that we’re not especially interested in:

  • Another Jamie McGuire novel about the Maddox brothers. We know there are like 8000. We’re pretty good right now.
  • Something incredibly similar to something we’ve just read. Like, say, Maze Runner.
  • We’ve also done a lot of romance. Not that we’re not game for another one, but there are a lot of genres we haven’t gotten a chance to explore yet.
  • Boring-bad books, as opposed to hilarious-bad books. You guys know what kind of books do and don’t work well for the blog.

So what have you got for us?


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