What Should We Read Next: Poll Time!

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Hello, readers! We’re calling on you to help us out once more, because Ariel and I have talked and talked and now we’re at the point where we want some direct input from you, our web traffic dearest readers.

We got a lot of recommendations, and Ariel and I spent a lot of time talking about what we’d personally be most interested in doing next. So just because it’s not on this poll, it doesn’t mean it’s not being considered at some point in the future. But right now, we’re pretty sure our next book is gonna be one of these:

As a supplement to just asking you point blank which of those books you’d prefer, here’s another poll that’s… sort of a personality quiz, let’s say. Not that we don’t trust your votes or anything. We just wonder what the results would be if we framed the question like…

And here’s a question specifically about that gender-swapped Twilight that Stephanie Meyer wrote for the 10th anniversary of the book. Which, if you don’t know anything about this, you should definitely take a look at this real thing that exists.

And one more question about our other vampire tale of vampires: House of Night! We’ve said that we’re totally ready to jump into book #4 (which is called Untamed, and doesn’t that sound promising), and we’re pretty sure everyone’s still pretty interested in this, but we just want to check…

Thanks for all your help! Seriously! We need to know what the people want.

Like this, but without everyone dying at the end.

Sort of like this, but without everyone dying at the end.

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