Goodreads Choice Awards 2015…But Only With the Bad Books, Good Times Books

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I noticed this tragedy today when I was looking into this year’s Goodreads Choice Awards:

goodreads romance choice awards 2015

The only books on my reading list that appear anywhere on Goodreads Choice Awards 2015 are those pieces of crap! I went on the romance list to find out what else I could vote for instead only to find THIS:

beautiful redemption jamie mcguire goodreads choice awards 2015


Although, part of me is just really fucking upset that we haven’t gotten a chance to read this book yet. I just want to read more Jamie Mcguire, Matthew, WHY ARE WE DOING OTHER THINGS.

tobias arrested development sobs in the shower

Anyway, because these are apparently the only three books I’m actually familiar with in the whole friggen choice awards[1], I thought it would be a really heartwarming thing to have our own awards ceremony with these three books:

[1]: Okay I am familiar with Mindy Kaling’s book in the humor section, but I haven’t gotten to read it yet…MUCH LIKE BEAUTIFUL REDEMPTION, damnit.

I’m curious what everyone thinks of the Goodreads Choice Awards this year, so if you want to share what you’re voting for, which books you can’t believe were nominated, or which of the nominated books I should actually read (for pleasure, not business), let me know!

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