The Lazy Reader’s Guide: December 8 – December 12, 2015

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Life and Death

Beau gets an intense phone call from the hunter. Beau has to ditch his vampire posse to meet up with the hunter…and immediately get the shit kicked out of him.

Here’s what else you missed:

  • For some reason Archie can’t hear Beau on the phone with the hunter…even though he’s just in the next room.
  • Archie’s visions are constantly changing as people make different decisions…but somehow doesn’t realize Beau is about to make a run for it?
  • Beau doesn’t think there’s a way he can tell the vampires what the hunter wants without the hunter knowing, even though the hunter isn’t psychic???
  • Beau uses a bathroom airport that he remembered (FROM WHEN???) to make his great escape.
  • The hunter beats the shit out of Beau in the mirrored room. He makes jokes about cheeseburgers. Bella bravely and jokelessly handled the situation.

House of Night #4: Untamed

Shekinah, the highest of high priestesses arrives on the scene to undeclare the war against humans. Then Zoey finds out ERIK NIGHT is gonna be her teacher. I guess the Casts couldn’t handle the idea of Zoey not having romantic tension with one of her teachers.

Here’s what else you missed:

  • Actually
  • …that
  • was
  • it.

gif of lady gaga say oh