The Lazy Reader’s Guide: January 18- January 22, 2016

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Left Behind

Basically, we get a long-winded summary on the world currencies and how, in a shocking twist of fate, a powerful group of rich men make all the world decisions. It hits Ray that he’s happy his daughter is still alive.

Quite frankly, you didn’t really miss much else but here are some tidbits:

  • Hattie is now connected to both Buck and Ray. Buck had met her earlier on in the book and promised to let her know if her family was still alive, and he got in touch with Hattie to tell her they are.
  • Ray keeps in touch with Hattie, but he does so very unenthusiastically. He stresses how little he wants to bang her now.
  • Ray thinks his son was raptured because he’s a mama’s boy. Even though EVERY CHILD was raptured.
  • Buck gets in touch with his family, and he’s got issues with his dad.
  • Nicolae Carpathia becomes president of Romania. BUM BUM BUMMM.

House of Night: Untamed

Over in House of Night, Aphrodite finally gets a cat of her very own, and Heath tells Zoey she’s awful.

  • Zoey’s gut tells her Stevie Rae and the red fledglings (does that sound like a terrible band name to anyone else?) have to come out to the other vampyres.
  • Zoey’s gut convinces Stevie Rae that Zoey’s plan is good.
  • They decide to stop for fast food before heading back to school, and there they run into Heath who puts Zoey in her place. It’s awesome!

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