The Lazy Reader’s Guide: January 25- January 29, 2016

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Here’s what you missed this week! Or want to relive again, for whatever reason!

Left Behind

Buck finally flies back to New York and immediately wants to leave. Meanwhile, Rayford continues to be sad.

  • Buck finds a private pilot who’ll fly him from Milwaukee to New York. The pilot thinks that the disappearances are the work of aliens. As far as additions to the story go, this was certainly an addition.
  • Buck gets back to his magazine’s (or whatever it is) office in New York and is greeted with cheers from everyone. Which I guess we’re supposed to ignore when in the very next chapter he and his boss have a tense conversation about how everyone hates him.
  • Buck wants to investigate Carpathia, who is Romania’s surprise new president and totally not the antichrist. His editor wants him to cover international news. That’s pretty much it. It would seem pretty cut and dry, but this is page after page after page of Buck complaining about how his thing is totally more important somehow.
  • Meanwhile, Rayford mopes around his house, thinking about his past. Jesus, Rayford, please do something already.

Next week: Left Behind FINALLY gets a second female character! And she is NOT SO SURE about this whole “Jesus” thing. Uh oh!


House of Night: Untamed

Zoey goes to a super awkward drama class taught by everyone’s favorite shitbasket, Erik Night. Aphrodite gets a vision, which gives her a prophecy, which gives this series some narrative direction, fucking finally.

  • After Heath rightfully calls Zoey out on all the shit she put him through, Aphrodite and Darius reassure her that she’s a great person. Darius, I know you’re new here, but that was some dumb shit you just pulled.
  • Zoey goes to her drama class, which is super awkward because her other ex-boyfriend Erik is now the teacher! And he… forces her to take part in a scene where he screams at her character for cheating on him, puts his hands around her throat, and kisses her. Her character, of course. Not his ex-girlfriend who is now his student. None of the other students catch on that this is weird.
  • Darius then takes Zoey to Aphrodite, who just had a uniquely powerful vision. She wrote down the poem that appeared to her in her vision, which has something to do with death, people dying, and slaughter.


The poem is pretty unclear (aside from, you know, the death stuff), but don’t worry! Next week, Zoey’s grandma explains the whole thing.


It’s Saturday, so I bet I know what you want right now. Articles about feminism! One of my friends did a thing on Twitter rounding up articles that have stuck with them over the years, and a bunch were great:

And then on said friend’s blog, because apparently I didn’t read anything on the internet recently that they weren’t responsible for:

My favorite annual music list finally came out a little bit ago! It’s by Questionable Content‘s Jeph Jacques, and it’s pretty much all weirdo electronic music, which is great if you like electronic music, and also want to read a Top 10 albums list that isn’t 70% the same as every other Top 10 albums list.

Here are some songs from some of the albums I really liked off the list!

Especially listen to this one if you also like jazz. It is BOTH.

ONE LAST THING: I came across a collection of poems Marian Bull wrote a bunch of poems while commuting on the subway. I LIKE THEM.