The Lazy Reader’s Guide: February 15 – 19, 2016

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Left Behind:

For unfathomable reasons, Rayford tells Chloe that he’d been attracted to Hattie, nothing had happened between them, he totally doesn’t want to bang her now, but he does want to make her a proper Christian. Great, plan, buddy. Also Carpathia gives more speeches that we don’t actually really get to read. But he is totally amazingLeft Behind swears.

  • Left Behind demonstrates how impressive Carpathia is by having him give a speech to the U.N. which is just him naming every country. But like really well. 
  • Carpathia’s explanation for The Rapture is that, “The world has been stockpiling nuclear weapons for innumerable years […] some confluence of electromagnetism in the atmosphere, combined with as yet unknown or unexplained atomic ionization [has] triggered [this] instant action throughout the world.” Checks out.
  • Rayford gets robbed, but the insurance industry is fine, so no worries.

House of Night:

Zoey gets attacked by Raven Mockers, and she sends spirit to get Damien, and Damien sends wind, and then Zoey tells wind to get rid of the Raven Mockers. It’s all very convoluted, but it’s meant to show us all that the power of friendship is crucial in the fight against evil. Later, Zoey and Erik manage to actually have a fairly mature and reasonable conversation.

  • After Zoey gets rid of the Raven Mockers (FOR NOW) she heads to the Council Room where she overhears Shekinah and Neferet having a discussion.
  • Neferet needs to learn how to close a door and not have sketchy conversations that Zoey overhears.
  • Neferet tries to convince Shekinah that Zoey is definitely evil, and that Neferet is totally 100% not evil. Which is exactly the kind of trustworthy behaviour you can expect from someone that is totally 100% not evil.
  • Shekinah is skeptical of this transparent ploy to turn Shekinah against Zoey.
  • However Neferet warns Shekinah to be wary of any favours Zoey asks. So five minutes later, Zoey asks if her grandmother can come stay, and Skeniah seems kinda wary. But she says yes.
  • When Zoey runs into Erik, they are both full of hurt feelings but also miss each other a lot.
  • They’re probably going to get back together (ug), and the Stark will return from the dead, and Erik will be like, ‘FOR FUCK’S SAKE.’