Do You Believe in Magic in an Old Nun’s Heart?: Untamed Chapter 29

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Fair warning, this is a real snooze-fest of a chapter.

House of Night, Untamed Chapter 29

Zoey sends Aphrodite and Darius back to school, but promises that Darius can drive her back later, “even though the school was less than a mile down the street, and it would be mega-easy for me to walk back.” I know it’s a small thing, but I really can’t stand how the Casts have to teen-up all of Zoey’s sentences (“mega-easy”) lest she say something soooo old and lame like, “it would be easy for me to walk back.”

Zoey absolutely refuses to leave her grandmother’s side until “someone ready to battle demons would take [her] place.” Given we’ve only seen Zoey battle demons with wind, doesn’t that just leave Damien? This book just makes up whatever rules it wants.

Sister Mary Angela shows up because of course a very important nun would drop everything to show up for a teenage vampyre she met twice. Zoey is so special, dontcha know.

Zoey wants to tell Sister Mary Angela everything, but doesn’t want to do it in the hospital, but obviously she doesn’t want to leave Grandma alone.

I looked into the wise, kind eyes of this amazing nun and told her the utter truth. “I need to talk to you, and I don’t want to do it in here, where we could be interrupted or overheard, but I’m scared to leave Grandma alone and unprotected.”

I guess we have to take Zoey’s word that Sister Mary Angela is so amazing given she has been in so few scenes.

She gazed back at me calmly, not at all perturbed by my weirdness. Then she reached into one of the front pockets of her voluminous black habit and drew out a small but beautifully detailed statue of the Virgin Mary.

Zoey checks with her gut, and her gut is like, “It’s not wind, but it’ll do.” So once again there is absolutely no risk to Zoey taking an evening stroll despite the fact that she’s constantly getting attacked at night. There’s absolutely no risk to Zoey leaving her grandmother alone, either, because her gut is like, “No worries, good call on leaving the statue of the Virgin Mary.”

Even Zoey can barely take this seriously:

I was just grateful my gut was saying that I could trust this nun and the “magic” she carried.

It’s so comforting that Grandma will be left alone with “magic” protecting her.

Zoey tells Sister Mary Angela everything, and despite the fact that everyone knows about vampyres, she’s like, “Hm, I’m kind of skeptical that you can control the elements? And what’s up with this Kalona guy?”

But then Zoey just summons all the elements, and Sister Mary Angela is like, “OMG I suspected magic was real all along. Now I totally believe the rest of your story about Kalona and the Raven Mockers.”


What do and don’t humans know about vampyres? Once you confirm the existence of vampyres, could you not just pick up one of their Sociology 101 books and find out all about them for yourself?

Now Zoey trusts that Grandma will be safe with Sister Mary Angela. Before leaving, Zoey makes her nun buddy promise that if anything goes wrong and Kalona rises to power, Sister Mary Angela has to get Grandma (and herself and her nun friends) somewhere safe and underground. Luckily, the the abbey has some such place! Amazing! I guess since Kalona rising to power sounds like it’s going to happen tonight this worked out nicely.