The Lazy Reader’s Guide: February 29 – March 4, 2016

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Left Behind

We get a pretty clear roadmap of what horrors the post-rapture world is in for. Then Steve accepts a job as Carpathia’s press secretary, and Buck is going to take over his job as the head of the Weekly. 

  • Everyone is still convinced that Carpathia couldn’t possibly be the antichrist despite the fact that he fits the bill perfectly.
  • We continue to be reminded Carpathia is sexiest man alive.
  • Hattie continues to be in the book for some reason. Making phone calls to everyone, and also meeting Carpathia.
  • Buck’s rival reporter dies as abruptly as he was introduced to the story. The circumstances are very mysterious and obviously connected to Steve/Carpathia.


House of Night, Untamed:

Zoey recaps the plot to Sister Mary Angela because 90% of the book is just filling other characters in on what’s going on. Then, Zoey makes sure she and all of her friends are on the same page about their plan to reveal the existence of the red fledglings.

  • Sister Mary Angela always suspected there was magic in the world, which is unsurprising given vampyres exist in this world, so why not also magic?
  • Sister Mary Angela agrees to watch over Grandma, even if Kalona rises to power in the next like hour (hint, hint).
  • Zoey can’t get ahold of Stevie Rae UH OH.
  • Chapter 30 ends by basically saying, “Everything is about to go horribly wrong.” So uh, oh EVEN MORE.