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They Get Cockblocked, Fight, and Make Up: Beautiful Oblivion Chapter 18

January 6, 2015 by


Chapter 18 The chapter starts with a series of things that don’t make any sense, so you know this is going to be a good one. Trenton shot me a text that he was at my door […] “I have a doorbell, you know,” I said. He frowned, pulling his coat off and hanging it […]

Beautiful Oblivion Bingo!

November 5, 2014 by


While talking about returning to the world of Beautiful Disaster and Walking Disaster in the series’ first spin-off, Beautiful Oblivion, Ariel and I joked that it would be like reading the same book for a third time. And then we wondered how much it would be the same book. So we made you this. You’re […]

Travis Works For The FBI, Obviously: Walking Disaster Epilogue

April 15, 2014 by


It’s a big day, readers! Today we finish our parallel reading of Jamie McGuire’s college romance novels that Ariel and I have been referring to as “The Disasters”. Ariel finished Beautiful Disaster yesterday, but while writing the parallel novel, Walking Disaster, McGuire clearly realized she left out an important part: the epilogue that takes place […]

Imagine a World Without Netflix: Beautiful Disaster Epilogue

April 14, 2014 by


Given Trabby has been in a, er, “stable” relationship for more than five minutes, it’s time for them to get married. This would be like if you started jogging around your neighborhood once a week and then thought you were ready to be in the Olympics based on the fact that you hadn’t sprained your ankle […]

Wait, You Didn’t Want To Actually READ The Wedding, Did You?: Walking Disaster Chapter 28

April 8, 2014 by


(Long sigh). So we’ve been really quiet about the How I Met Your Mother finale. [Ariel says: RAGE BLACKOUT.] Ariel and I were both huge fans of this show and while we certainly had lots of complaints about its quality throughout its run, those were nothing compared to how bad the finale was. We have gathered […]

Travis and Abby get Engaged Because McGuire Didn’t Know How Else to End This Book: Beautiful Disaster Chapter 22

April 7, 2014 by


Previously, everyone at the underground fight club was attacked by malicious lanterns who were furious by everything that has gone on in this book thus far, particularly the treatment of Kara and Plot Puppy. Also, last chapter ends with Travis about to call his father to inform him that Trent has probably suffered death by […]

No One Important Dies In The Fire, Therefore True Love: Walking Disaster Chapter 27

April 1, 2014 by


This week in “blog readers actually send me pictures of pigeons because of this stupid book”: Speaking of Abby and dangerous things, everyone is currently trapped in a burning building. [Ariel says: I’ve been feeling down all day, but the thought of evil lanterns still manages to make me laugh. Seriously. These fucking lanterns, man.]  […]

Lanterns are Now the Biggest Obstacle to Tabby’s Eternal Bliss: Beautiful Disaster Chapter 21

March 31, 2014 by


Trabby is back in full force after Travis finally set his woman straight by forcing her to come home to his apartment so they could confront their problems head on. By confront their problems head on, I of course mean they wind up having sex because that’s exactly where no signs were pointing and it […]

The Story Is Now Exactly Like The Last Time Abby and Travis Were Together: Walking Disaster Chapter 26

March 25, 2014 by


Speaking of erotic narratives of questionable quality, did any of you guys see Nymphomaniac? I have some thoughts on Part 1 on my other blog. Take a look if you’re interested in stories about sex! You’re reading Bad Books, Good Times, so you might be! Chapter 26: Panic [Ariel says: I just got a wave […]

Abby Abernathy’s Last Dance: Beautiful Disaster Chapter 20

March 24, 2014 by


Last time we left out intrepid heroes, [Matthew says: More like insipid heroes! Ohhh! Sorry. As you were saying] Abby was upset because Travis had lured her away from a platonic date with Blando under false pretenses. He’d said he’d needed her to be at his fight, but TWIST he really just didn’t want her hanging […]