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Bad Romance Advice, Good Times: Meeting Your Partner’s Family During the Holidays

November 25, 2015 by


Your Tango’s 9 Essential ‘Meet The Family’ Tips For This Thanksgiving The holidays can be a stressful time – especially when you’re meeting your significant other’s family for the first time! Luckily, Your Tango‘s got you covered with “9 Essential ‘Meet The Family’ Tips For This Thanksgiving.” And Bad Books, Good Times has you covered […]

Bad Romance Advice, Good Times: YOU DON’T NEED A MAN, YOU NEED A GODDAMN WARRIOR and Other Bullshit

September 23, 2015 by


Last month, there was a lot of buzz around this absolute turd-nugget of an article about why you (a heterosexual woman, specifically) have not found love. I intended to write about this at the height of its popularity, but getting things done in a timely fashion is hard and oppressive like Christian Grey’s penis. Spoiler, […]

Bad Romance Advice, Good Times: The Cold, Hard Truth About Sending Nude Pics

May 14, 2014 by


I know, I know I should be writing more about The Tao of Badass or Return of Kings, but I saw this article a few weeks back and tucked it aside for when I finally had a chance to write another Bad Romance Advice, Good Times post. Before You Hit Send: The Cold, Hard Truth […]

Bad Romance AND Life Advice, Good Times: A Simple Tweak To Help You Crush Women And Life

January 29, 2014 by


The other night, Matt linked me to Return of Kings, and informed me that it was quickly gaining traction in the world of angering feminists around the internet. If you shy away from the word feminist for some reason, it may also anger you if you respect other humans in general. When Matt first linked […]

Bad Romance Advice, Good Times: Best Ways to Stop a Woman on the Street

September 25, 2013 by


Do you guys remember The Tao of Badass? Sadly, I have yet to read what I’m sure is a riveting and informative piece of work, but I did read a very telling review of it. THIS article, though, is directly from the Tao of Badass’ site! I’ve gone right into the belly of the Badass […]

Bad Romance Advice, Good Times: The Tao of Badass Book Review

August 7, 2013 by


While searching the internet for shitty dating advice, I happened on a review of a dating book called The Tao of Badass, which may potentially be terrible enough to feature on this blog someday. For now, though, this installation is simply on the hilarious review of the book, but in the future I’m planning on writing […]

Bad Romance Advice, Good Times: Love Advice for Men – How to Get a Woman to Fall in Love With You

July 17, 2013 by


My last two installments of Bad Romance Advice, Good Times have been about articles which were definitely geared towards women who enjoy dating men (for some reason). This week, I ventured over to getfrank. to see if guys were getting any better advice. If How to Get a Woman to Fall in Love With You is […]

Bad Romance Advice, Good Times: “25 Sex Tips You Didn’t Know”

June 26, 2013 by


Well, you guys. As much as I love reading trashy articles in Cosmo, they’re probably asking to be mocked most of the time. “25 Sex Tips You Didn’t Know” could contain a nugget or two of good sexy advice, but some of the choices in this article are as questionable as Kim Kardashian’s credentials for Being […]

Bad Romance Advice, Good Times: How to Give Compliments that Encourage Intimacy

June 19, 2013 by


I really like to read relationship and dating articles. It’s pretty unclear why they suck me in so often given you’re either receiving really obvious advice (Your partner wants to be heard! Really listen to what he’s saying!) or really lame suggestions for how to find a relationship (Have you tried meeting someone in the […]