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Nothing Happens And Then It Ends: Pamela Part 23

October 14, 2014 by


GUYS. GUYS. WE’RE DONE WITH PAMELA TODAY. PIT-A-PAT GOES MY HEART AND SHIT. [Ariel says: Any word on when the next Pamela is coming out, guys? Too soon? I thought so.] Days 71-76 Also, casual reminder that it’s only been 71 days since we were at “Help! I’ve been kidnapped by a psychopath!” It’s funny because one of […]

Surprise! The Master’s A Baby Daddy: Pamela Part 22

October 7, 2014 by


Good news: This is our second last week with Pamela! Bad news: After basically nothing happening for the past few weeks in Pamela, the plot suddenly has a completely new thing happening. It is much worse. [Ariel says: Based on the title of this post, it’s just the end of Fifty Shades 4Ever or whatever the last […]

The Plot Continues To Have Already Been Resolved: Pamela Part 21

September 30, 2014 by


Are you sick of hearing about shit like Gamergate or Bendgate? Well, I have a new article up over at Abstract Magazine about Gategate, so now you don’t have to care anymore! It’s called “Gaters Gonna Gate“, which is probably the best headline I’ll ever write in my life, if that sweetens the deal for […]

Gentleman’s Rights Activism: Pamela Part 20

September 23, 2014 by


Yes, these jokes do just write themselves. Day 63 (continued) Last week we finally finished three straight weeks of Lady Davers calling Pamela a whore – which I really can’t emphasize enough is entirely too long – and have now moved on to the Master… pouting. “Pamela,” said he, and made me tremble, “How dare […]

The Master’s Sister Is Still Calling Pamela A Whore (Again): Pamela Part 19

September 16, 2014 by


So the bad news is that “the Master’s sister calls Pamela a whore” has completely hijacked the plot (or “plot”), and we’re on our third straight week of this scene, which Pamela somehow found time to write at some point in between all this being called a whore. The good news is I finally found […]

The Master’s Sister Is Still Calling Pamela A Whore: Pamela Part 18

September 9, 2014 by


Did you know that Randall Monroe, the guy who does xkcd, has a totally awesome new book out for his side-project What If? Because it’s hilarious and smart, and you’re reading this blog, so you seem like you might like that sort of stuff. I was lucky enough to make it to his book signing […]

Gentlemansplaining: Pamela Part 17

September 2, 2014 by


Days 59-60 Now that Pamela’s selflessness and the Master’s wealth have combined forces, the book occasionally becomes charity-porn: I begged leave to send a guinea to a poor body in the town […] “Send two, my dear, if you please. […] I will allow you two hundred pounds a year,” [the Master said.] “For your […]

It’s Basically The Third Fifty Shades Book: Pamela Part 16

August 26, 2014 by


Day 57 Remember how Christian Grey and Ana’s wedding happened in between books two and three, and we totally missed it? And how Abby and Travis’s wedding happened in between chapters?  [Ariel says: EHEM. I think you’re forgetting that Abby and Travis’ wedding has a whole book dedicated to this Super Important Ceremony of Ceremonies.] Apparently […]

Casual Reminder The Main Characters Are Totes Still In Love: Pamela Part 15

August 19, 2014 by


Day 54 Remember that time in Fifty Shades where Christian was all, “Hey, we’ve been happy together for about a month. It’s high time we started thinking about getting married?” and then an entire book was written about that? Well, on the plus side, Pamela does not spend an entire book doing that, just a […]

Bible Fanfiction: Pamela Part 14

August 12, 2014 by


Days 52-53 The Master wakes up after Pamela and her father have already been up and about, admitting that he was up late reading Pamela’s letters. [Ariel says: Nothing says “written before Harry Potter” than staying up all night to read Pamela’s letters.] This could be either cute or obsessive, really, but since the letters are mostly “HELP […]