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I Liked This Epilogue, Because It Meant The Nightmare Was Over: The Host Epilogue

October 11, 2013 by


Ordinarily I write something heartfelt when we finish a book, both to sarcastically reflect on the book itself, but also the genuinely reflect on the good times we had making fun of it. Remember that time crazy old Uncle Jeb took us on a tour of the cave? Remember that other time he took us on […]

Petals Open to the Moon: The Host Chapter 59

October 10, 2013 by


You guys! This is the last chapter of The Host sort of! Matt’s doing the epilogue tomorrow, but aside from my comments on his post, this is the last post I have to write about this book, and this is almost the last post you have to read about this book! We can finally move on to […]

Everybody Loves Wanderer: The Host Chapters 57 & 58

October 4, 2013 by


Hey, remember last week in The Host where there was Wanderer’s secret badass story about her encounter with a Claw Beast? Well, I didn’t have room on Bad Books, Good Times to fully go into why I hated it so much (hint: because of science), so I wrote up a detailed explanation of why I […]

Apparently Wanderer Loves Ian Now?: The Host Chapters 55 & 56

October 3, 2013 by


I think something happened during the last chapters of The Host…We met Lacey or The-Artist-Formerly-Known-as-the-Seeker. She’s super annoying. Kyle went off to go find his lady love, and the last chapter ended with him returning and being all like, “Why hello, Wanderer, come over and help me even though I’ve been a huge piece of turdy […]

BBGT Extra Credit: Stephenie Meyer’s Claw Beast Is Just Ridiculously Implausible

October 2, 2013 by


Matt posted this on his other blog, so I’m sneakily adding it here as a Wednesday bonus post. MWAHAHAHA!

Free Your Mind: The Host Chapters 53 & 54

September 27, 2013 by


Today in The Host, Wanderer and Doc start freeing the minds of humans whose bodies have been taken over by the enemy race that has ended human society. It’s like The Matrix, except with way fewer guns,  and the only scenes in slow motion are the ones where Stephenie Meyer is writing exposition. Chapter 53: […]

Apparently Wanderer is a Secret Badass, and This is Somehow Still Super Boring: The Host Chapters 51 & 52

September 26, 2013 by


It’s really hard to be like, “Previously, in The Host…” When all I wanna talk about is how much I hated the Dexter finale. Okay, but actually, I guess this is important. Wanderer is a fucking idiot and decides that now is the time to sacrifice herself in order to save the horrible Seeker. If I tried […]

Wanderer Wants To Sacrifice Herself For Someone She Hates Because No One In This Novel Has Any Motivation: The Host Chapters 49 & 50

September 20, 2013 by


(Long sigh) Today is my birthday. I’m 23. Let’s just move on. Ariel says: When I went to add my comments into this post on Wednesday I had a minor panic attack that I’d somehow missed Matt’s birthday. Being ahead of schedule on posts is weird. Also can we get a round of applause for […]

How the Souls do Television: The Host Chapters 47 & 48

September 19, 2013 by


You guys, I just read the chapters I missed out on during the move last week. It was a good time for me not to be able to comment on Matt’s post because Jesus nothing happened in those two chapters! Wanderer saves the day and cuddles with Jared AND Ian (and Jamie sits in her lap for […]

The Host Briefly Becomes A Hospital Drama: The Host Chapters 45 and 46

September 13, 2013 by


So Ariel’s currently traveling to England to start grad school and in between Ariel being on an airplane, Ariel suddenly becoming an ephemeral being who has suddenly traveled forward in time by five hours which are now lost to time and space, and me forgetting to work ahead, Ariel couldn’t contribute to this post so […]