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Liis And Sawyer Are Friends Now For Some Reason: Beautiful Redemption Chapter 6

April 8, 2016 by


Hey, wanna hear something crazy? I’m flying to London later today! Ariel and I are gonna hang out and watch Bob’s Burgers! I mean, do London things. Like watch Bob’s Burgers. Beautiful Redemption: Chapter 6 Liis is busily working on fanservice the Travis Maddox case, where she comes to totally sensible, very logical conclusions. After […]

Thomas Manages To NOT Be An A-hole: Beautiful Redemption Chapter 4

April 1, 2016 by


We’re on week 2 of a new Jamie McGuire novel and I’ve already mixed up the Maddox brothers’ names once. Beautiful Redemption: Chapter 4 Liis and Val go to the bar. Again. I like how McGuire’s already distilled her formula to the essentials, because while Beautiful Disaster and Beautiful Oblivion both had The Red, Beautiful […]

Meet The New BFF, Same As The Old BFF: Beautiful Redemption Chapter 2

March 25, 2016 by


Hopefully you enjoyed our surprise return to the world of Jamie McGuire’s Super Maddox Bros World yesterday! I thought Ariel did a great job remembering any details about Thomas that were hinted at in Beautiful Disaster and Beautiful Oblivion, because I sure as fuck didn’t. Beautiful Redemption: Chapter 2 First things first, there is NONE of that mysterious […]

No More Playing Around, Protagonists Have Sex in the First Chapter: Beautiful Redemption Chapter 1

March 24, 2016 by


YESSSSSSSS. Beautiful Redemption Chapter 1 We learn the most crucial facts about our new protagonist (except her name, but I checked the summary and it’s Liis) in the first paragraph: Control was all that was real. I had learned from a young age that planning, calculation, and observation could avoid most unpleasant things—unnecessary risk, disappointment, […]

I Can’t Believe it’s the Last Chapter: Beautiful Oblivion Chapter 25 (Part 2: Dawn of the Planet of the Douchebags)

February 3, 2015 by


Even though there are so many bad books Matt and I want to write about, Jamie McGuire’s shit shows hold a special place in my heart. Say what you want about them, but in the wise words of my blog partner in crime, “Jamie McGuire is weirdly solid for our purposes. Consistently shit, but sort […]

Trenton Acts Perhaps Unreasonably: Beautiful Oblivion Chapter 25 (Part 1)

February 2, 2015 by


Ariel and I are splitting up the last chapter of Beautiful Oblivion into two parts today, and that will conclude our coverage of Beautiful Oblivion! What a long, strange ride it’s been! By mean I mean it was cliched and mostly meaningless. Regular readers may be wondering why I’m posting on a Monday, and also […]

College Romantic Comedy Kills Off Dozens Of People In A Fire. Again.: Beautiful Oblivion Chapter 24

January 27, 2015 by


If you think it’s astounding that Jamie McGuire’s had this much success writing the same college drama-comedy romance centering around the same handful of plot points three times, remember that one of those thrice-used scenes is dozens of nameless college students dying in a fire. Because nothing says “college romantic comedy!” like “tragic fire claiming […]

Trenton is an Awful Human Being: Beautiful Oblivion Chapter 23

January 26, 2015 by


Beautiful Oblivion Chapter 23 “Even for just a few classes, midterms were kicking my ass. Kody, Raegan, Gruber, Blia, and I were all studying at the Red before it got busy or when it was slow, and Trenton was helping me study at Skin Deep. ” Oh man, one of Cami’s challenges that is never mentioned […]

An Entire Chapter of Raegan’s Subplot: Beautiful Oblivion Chapter 22

January 20, 2015 by


[Ariel says: I can’t believe you were worried about getting the chapter with the Cami/Trent sex scene when a chapter about Raegan’s subplot was in play.] I was at a taping for Jimmy Fallon’s upcoming spin-off show Lip Sync Battle over the weekend! I’m not actually allowed to talk about it, but I felt like […]

The Weirdest, Dumbest Reference to Buffy I Have Ever Read: Beautiful Oblivion Chapter 21

January 19, 2015 by


Last week, things supposedly fell apart, except they really didn’t at all… This week, fingers crossed, Trent will fall off a cliff or be abducted by aliens. Beautiful Oblivion Chapter 21 SATURDAY NIGHT AFTER A GRUELING NIGHT AT THE RED, I dragged my ass into the apartment, and flipped on my bedroom light. Trenton was […]