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Liis And Sawyer Are Friends Now For Some Reason: Beautiful Redemption Chapter 6

April 8, 2016 by


Hey, wanna hear something crazy? I’m flying to London later today! Ariel and I are gonna hang out and watch Bob’s Burgers! I mean, do London things. Like watch Bob’s Burgers. Beautiful Redemption: Chapter 6 Liis is busily working on fanservice the Travis Maddox case, where she comes to totally sensible, very logical conclusions. After […]

Liis and Thomas are Going Undercover at Trabby’s Vow Renewals. YAAAAS: Beautiful Redemption Chapter 5

April 7, 2016 by


Beautiful Redemption Chapter 5: Liis goes to the gym during Thomas’ gym time. Damn, she’s got a spunky personality. I guess it’s her Irish shining through again! Thomas protests Liis being there a little bit, but F for effort overall. Liis informs us that she “switched out [her ]C-cup for a sports bra.” I distinctly remember Cami […]

Thomas Manages To NOT Be An A-hole: Beautiful Redemption Chapter 4

April 1, 2016 by


We’re on week 2 of a new Jamie McGuire novel and I’ve already mixed up the Maddox brothers’ names once. Beautiful Redemption: Chapter 4 Liis and Val go to the bar. Again. I like how McGuire’s already distilled her formula to the essentials, because while Beautiful Disaster and Beautiful Oblivion both had The Red, Beautiful […]

Liis Finds Out She Slept With Her Boss/Coworker/Neighbor/a Maddox Bro/The Meanest Special Agent EVAR: Beautiful Redemption Chapter 3

March 31, 2016 by


“WHO THE HELL IS LISA?” A loud voice bounced off the four walls of the squad room. “Lisa Lindy.” […] I looked up into the eyes of the young Assistant Special Agent in Charge and nearly swallowed my tongue. It was him—my one-night stand, the lips I missed, my neighbor. Val chimes in with a helpful […]

Meet The New BFF, Same As The Old BFF: Beautiful Redemption Chapter 2

March 25, 2016 by


Hopefully you enjoyed our surprise return to the world of Jamie McGuire’s Super Maddox Bros World yesterday! I thought Ariel did a great job remembering any details about Thomas that were hinted at in Beautiful Disaster and Beautiful Oblivion, because I sure as fuck didn’t. Beautiful Redemption: Chapter 2 First things first, there is NONE of that mysterious […]


February 14, 2016 by


You guys. Everyone. Look. DO YOU SEE THE GINORMOUS “SLYVIA DAY” TEXT???? One With You. It’s here. I know Matthew mentioned we’re halfway through our current books and that maybe we’ll do another House of Night right away or maybe Jamie McGuires sci-fi romance. These are delightful options, but I don’t want to wait months to do the latest Crossfire. I […]

IT HAS NOW BECOME LIFE OR DEATH: Life and Death Chapters 17 & 18

December 3, 2015 by


Chapter 17: The Game Kill me. It’s the chapter where they play baseball. For those of you who stood by us while we read The Host, you may recall we had to read about their cave soccer matches. Why does Meyer feel she has to include descriptions of people playing sports in her stories? BUT FIRST. […]

It’s Still Creepy When a Vampire Girl Watches a Human Boy Sleep, SEXISM IS OVER AGAIN!: Life and Death Chapters 13 & 14

November 26, 2015 by


Happy Thanksgiving to our American readers! Apologies for this post being a bit briefer and less thorough than usual. These chapters really dragged on, and were just full of exposition! Actually, maybe a ‘your welcome’ is in order for keeping this shorter than normal! Life and Death Chapter 13: Confessions Beau watches Edythe sparkle in […]

Bad Romance Advice, Good Times: Meeting Your Partner’s Family During the Holidays

November 25, 2015 by


Your Tango’s 9 Essential ‘Meet The Family’ Tips For This Thanksgiving The holidays can be a stressful time – especially when you’re meeting your significant other’s family for the first time! Luckily, Your Tango‘s got you covered with “9 Essential ‘Meet The Family’ Tips For This Thanksgiving.” And Bad Books, Good Times has you covered […]

So Many Interrogations, So Little Time: Life and Death Chapters 9 & 10

November 19, 2015 by


Life and Death Chapter 9: Theory Beau and Edythe continue discussing her supernatural abilities as she drives recklessly. At least in this story a woman can be a confident and dangerous driver who frets about her love interest driving his own car. Feminism on full display here, folks. Edythe admits she was able to locate Beau […]