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Liis And Sawyer Are Friends Now For Some Reason: Beautiful Redemption Chapter 6

April 8, 2016 by


Hey, wanna hear something crazy? I’m flying to London later today! Ariel and I are gonna hang out and watch Bob’s Burgers! I mean, do London things. Like watch Bob’s Burgers. Beautiful Redemption: Chapter 6 Liis is busily working on fanservice the Travis Maddox case, where she comes to totally sensible, very logical conclusions. After […]

Thomas Manages To NOT Be An A-hole: Beautiful Redemption Chapter 4

April 1, 2016 by


We’re on week 2 of a new Jamie McGuire novel and I’ve already mixed up the Maddox brothers’ names once. Beautiful Redemption: Chapter 4 Liis and Val go to the bar. Again. I like how McGuire’s already distilled her formula to the essentials, because while Beautiful Disaster and Beautiful Oblivion both had The Red, Beautiful […]

Meet The New BFF, Same As The Old BFF: Beautiful Redemption Chapter 2

March 25, 2016 by


Hopefully you enjoyed our surprise return to the world of Jamie McGuire’s Super Maddox Bros World yesterday! I thought Ariel did a great job remembering any details about Thomas that were hinted at in Beautiful Disaster and Beautiful Oblivion, because I sure as fuck didn’t. Beautiful Redemption: Chapter 2 First things first, there is NONE of that mysterious […]

It’s the Moment You’ve All Been Waiting for! BBGT Reacts to the Fifty Shades Trailer!

July 30, 2014 by


Matthew says: Last week the Fifty Shades of Grey movie trailer was released into the world like a physically disabled fledgling bird being tossed out of the nest. Bringing you all the Fifty Shades of Grey movie news in a timely manner, okay fine let’s talk about this trailer: On the Actors: Ariel says: I think […]

The Epic Trailer for the Fifty Shades of Grey…Trailer

July 23, 2014 by


Earlier today, Matt asked me if the Fifty Shades of Grey trailer had been released yet. Because this is an incredibly time sensitive, pressing matter as we are your #1 source of FSoG related news (duh), I knew I had to investigate further. What I found was far more shocking than the actual movie will most likely be. The […]

Georges Bataille’s Erotic “Eye-Opener”

February 19, 2014 by


Ariel says: Today’s guest post comes from someone very dear to my heart – Neil Patrick Harris! I’m kidding of course. It’s my boyfriend Jeremy! He had to read Georges Bataille’s Story of the Eye for his European Literature module last year, and would frequently read me out passages that scarred me for life. I didn’t want […]

Scenes We Really Don’t Want to See in the First Fifty Shades of Grey Movie

February 5, 2014 by


Even though its release is a year away (marking my calendar for 15 Feb 2015, yo), Matt and I have been giving a lot of consideration to the scenes that we’re really really not excited to see in the upcoming Fifty Shades of Grey films. We’ll provide excerpts to help jog your memory because it’s been awhile since we wrote […]

No, Seriously, Gideon F***ing Murdered a Dude: Reflected In You Chapter 19

November 19, 2013 by


In Matthew news, this is my first post from New York! Well, sort of, I wrote it before I moved, but I’m in New York when this post goes live. So, yeah, I’m in New York in the future that is now! In Bad Books, Good Times news, this is the last chapter of Reflected […]

Eva Also Tries To Figure Out What The Plot Was Supposed To Be: Reflected In You Chapter 18

November 12, 2013 by


In Ariel’s post about this chapter yesterday we had some shocking revelations, and now it’s time for my take on them: I also actually like Miley Cyrus’s song “Wrecking Ball”. I have no shame about this. Girl’s got feelings to sing about. So there’s been a lot of stuff happening, readers! Have you joined our […]

Eva is a New Woman, Sylvia Day is Billy Joel: Reflected In You Chapter 17

November 5, 2013 by


So in Matthew News, I’m taking a job as an editorial assistant for a medical communications company, which is exciting, and I have to move to New York City in the next two weeks, which is terrifying. So you can be sure that all the descriptions of Eva’s fucking massive New York City apartment she […]