Twenty Shades of Drinking Game (Chapters 1-10)

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*Warning, do not play this game with every single drinking option or you will probably die. Please don’t die, we want you to keep reading our blog.*

Reading this book is tough, but there’s a surefire way to make it all a little easier. Drinking, of course!

Matthew seen here drinking his way through a book.

Hell, even if you love the book, drinking games are just fun, so without further ado, Part 1 of the Fifty Shades of Drinking Game:

1. Every time Ana damns something.

2. Every time Ana or Christian says the other’s full name.

3. Every time Christian does something “wickedly”.

4. Every time  Ana bites her lip.

5. Every time Ana mentions her subconscious (drink twice if it’s doing something weird like wearing a hula skirt or half-moon glasses or metaphorically screaming.)

6. Every time Ana reminds us how no one could ever be romantically interested in her.

7. Every time there is a burning gaze.

8. Every time there is a gleam in Christian’s eye.

9. Every time Ana mentions how attractive Christian is.

10. Every time someone says “shall”.

11. Every time there’s a Katherine Kavanagh “inquisition.”

12. Every time Ana invokes the crap scale (you read that right, it don’t matter if it’s a regular crap, a double crap, or the mythical triple crap.)

13. Any time Christian Grey (or any other character) makes an unsubtle reference to the size of his penis. (I’m talking to you, scene that consists of “Your room is big.” “Big?” “Big.” “It’s big.”)

14. Every time José says “Dios mios”.

15. Any time a man expresses interest in Ana that isn’t Christian.

16. Every time Kate’s ugly, pink pajamas are mentioned. Drink twice if Ana claims she has to “endure” them.

17. Every time Ana does something clumsy.

18. Every time Ana refers to Christian as a control freak.

19. Should have put this one earlier, but when Christian gets hot and bothered by Ana’s lip biting.

20. Every time Jose tries to flirt with Ana.

Bonus Sadomasochist Rules!

1. Every time there are ellipses. They are rather common.

Sorry it wasn’t fifty shades of drinking game for these chapters. But you have to admit, to be able to get twenty after only ten chapters is an accomplishment in itself. Share the crazy details if you try this game out. I mean, you probably won’t remember most of the details, but still!